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If you are a senior and need letters of recommendation, make an appointment with Dr. Puffenbarger as soon as youschool begins that fall If you need a premedical committee letter Dr. Puffenbarger is the chair and needs to get started on your letter early since

PreMed Society Officers

Office Name Email
President Sade Akanni
Vice President McKenna Snidow unlisted
Treasurer Liza Waller
Secretary Mandy Whatley

PreMed Exam Information

Getting into your first choice of programs after BC can depend on your score on one of these exams listed below.

You should start your preparation early (during freshman year) and then plan a 'light' load the semester you actually take the exam.

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PreMed FAQs

What areas of medicine does the PreMed Society of BC represent?

Dr. Puffenbarger calls the PreMed Society "all inclusive! Two feet, four feet, no feet, blue feet - we treat them all!" If you are thinking OT, PT, nursing, chiropractic, MD/OD, vet or anything