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Majors and Minors for Physics

Physics Major

For students planning on graduate study in physics or engineering or a physics‑related career in industry.

Required courses:

PHYS 221 General Physics I
PHYS 222 General Physics II
PHYS 305 Electronics
PHYS 308


Visit "Interactive Science Activities on the Web" (ISAW) for interactive science simulations for physics and related disciplines. ISAW is authored by physics professor, Dr. Richard L. Bowman.

Physics Curriculum

Curriculum for Physics Majors: In Brief

The departmental curriculum for physics majors begins with a calculus-based general physics sequence followed by courses in the major fields of physics:

  • Classical Mechanics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Modern

Physics Faculty

Physics Faculty
Dr. Philip Spickler
Associate Professor of Physics
Department Chair
Office: McKinney 233
Phone: 540-828-5767
Personal Website
Aaron Miller
Assistant Professor of Physics
Office: McKinney 239
Phone: 540-828-5441

Careers and Graduate Schools for Physics

Pursuing a degree in physics at Bridgewater College leads to many opportunities and careers for physics majors. Below, you'll find examples of some of the graduate schools recent graduates are attending and physics careers they have chosen.

Recent physics