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Bridgewater Affiliated Programs

The following study abroad programs are “Bridgewater Affiliated Programs”:

Vienna, Austria
Brussels, Belgium
Dalian, China
Nicosia, Cyprus
Quito, Ecuador
Cheltenham, England
Reading, England
Athens, Greece
Chennai, India
Derry/Dublin, Ireland
Xalapa, Mexico

Bridgewater Preferred Programs

The following study abroad programs and all ISEP Exchange experiences are “Bridgewater Preferred Programs”:

Chile (Spanish immersion or Spanish/English option with no initial Spanish required)
Córdoba, Argentina (Spanish immersion)

International Education Contact Information

For information regarding international education please contact:

Anne Marsh
Coordinator of International Education
Flory Hall 13

Dr. Jeffrey Pierson
Director of International Education
Memorial Hall 20

International Education Programs and Events

International Convocations

International convocations at Bridgewater College invigorate connections between the local community and the global community. In order to facilitate this, Bridgewater College schedules a variety of programs, including films,

Study Abroad

As a Bridgewater College student, part of your education is preparation for global citizenship and interaction. We live in a truly interconnected world, in which the development of global awareness and responsibility are vital for the future. The Center for