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Institutional Review Board

Bridgewater College recognizes the importance of conducting research using human participants to further the knowledge base of the academic and larger community. The College accepts the responsibility to assure that research conducted under its auspices

Faculty Research Funding

Bridgewater faculty members have resources available for both in-house and external funding for their research interests and projects.

Bridgewater has a part-time grants officer available to help research potential funders, brainstorm projects, review draft

Research at BC

Question. Explore. Innovate.

is the critical tip of the scholarship pyramid – building on the foundation of knowledge and complex concepts explored in the classroom. Research provides an opportunity to apply the tools and techniques previously

Faculty Presentation Opportunities

In addition to the numerous possibilities for research presentations to professional organizations, Bridgewater also promotes on-campus collaboration and idea exchange within the local community, with programs designed to encourage faculty to share their