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Hey BC students!

I’m Anne, a senior studying health and exercise science with a psychology minor. I’m also the president of the student ambassador association at Bridgewater College. Student Ambassadors is a club on campus that has more than 60 members. These students give tours to prospective students like you, and represent much of the student body at Bridgewater. Among our ambassadors we have athletes, artists, writers, singers, actors and others from almost every major on campus. It’s our job to answer any and every question you have about BC, and it comes from a current student’s perspective! I encourage you to ask us about our home football games and the energetic student section or pick our brains on the long list of activities to do on and around campus. Honestly, we love to share our personal stories and get to know about your interests! So come visit us at BC; we’d love to have you! Hope to see you on campus soon so we can show you why we love Bridgewater.

Anne Lushpinsky

Check out our featured student ambassadors below!

Nicole Kmetz

Class of 2013
Major: Environmental Science
High School: Huntingtown High School; Huntingtown, MD
Why I chose BC: I loved the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere when I visited BC. Everyone was very friendly and sociable, yet still very focused on their schoolwork. Also, after learning more about the quality of the science department, I decided Bridgewater was definitely where I wanted to obtain my higher education.
What I love about BC now: I love the hands-on experience and field work I can do while studying for my bachelors, while most students in larger schools do not have these opportunities until graduate school. (Also, I love the cookies in the KCC!)

Tyler Limbrick

Class of 2014
Major: History and Political Science
High School: Stafford Senior High School
Why I chose BC: I came to BC because I fell in love with the small community atmosphere and met a lot of friendly students and faculty.
What I love about BC now: My favorite aspect of BC is the small class sizes where my professors actually know me and are available to talk with me at any time.

Zach Mollica

Class of 2015
Major: Communications with a concentration in Public Relations & Mass Media
High School: Battlefield High School in Gainesville, Va
Why I chose BC: The reason why I came to Bridgewater College is beacause of the small classes. It gives you the opportunity to know your professors on a personal level. Whenever you need help they are always there to help. They are determined to help you succeed.
What I love about BC now: The thing that I love most about Bridgewater College is how friendly everyone is. The bridgewater community is so nice and it shows. Bridgewater wants the best for it's students. Everyone is so caring, respectful, and are all determined to help you succeed in whatever profession you do!

Kelly Pennington

Class of 2015
Major: Psychology
Minor: Equine Studies
High School: Kenwood High School
Why I chose BC: I instantly felt like I was a part of the BC community, even when just visiting on a tour.
What I love about BC now: It is such a tight-knit community, everyone goes out of their way to say hello or just offer a smile. The small class sizes mean that I can go to my professors for any help, or just to chat

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