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Objectives for Students - Writing Academy

Participating students will develop the following skills:

Writing Skills:

  • the ability to write with authentic voice
  • the ability to differentiate the elements of composing, editing, revising and publishing
  • the ability to identify elements of effective communication and discourse within one’s particular developing style
  • the ability to write critical analysis style using authentic voice
  • the ability to write a variety of discourse across a variety of audiences

Critical Thinking Skills:

  • the ability to differentiate the concepts of critique and criticism of individual and peer written expression
  • the ability to develop thoughtful literacy
  • the ability to critically analyze across content area subject knowledge
  • the ability to integrate critical analysis with creative written expression
  • the ability to analyze and critique new thought and synthesize new knowledge into existing schema

Affective Skills:

  • the ability to understand that to become writers, students must see themselves as writers
  • the ability to believe that one’s writing can develop with practice
  • the ability to accept critique and criticism as a means of becoming a more effective writer
  • the ability to accept revising as a “re-visioning” of written thought for deeper expression of thought
  • the ability to see writing opportunities as a positive chance to express creative and critical thought

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