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Tutoring Services

Tutors are available to Bridgewater College students for any course. BC tutors are students recommended by the faculty with a grade point average of at least 3.0 and are paid by the College. Tutoring/study groups typically consist of sixty-minute

Transition Program

The Transition Program is a personal and academic support program required as a condition of admission for selected Bridgewater students. The program is coordinated by the director of academic support and is assisted by upper class students. The program is

Learning Strategy Workshops

Learning Strategy Workshops are designed to assist even the most accomplished students to be more effective in their learning skills and habits and improve academic performance. Workshops are offered each semester and are advertised to students via email.


Learning Skill Websites

Here is a website that covers everything you might want to know about learning!

If you want to develop more effective learning skills and habits consider attending a learning workshop at BC!


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