List of Scholarships and Endowed Funds

Endowed Lectures

Endowed lectures allow the College to provide thought-provoking programs on important social issues. These programs challenge our students, alumni and community members to exchange and wrestle with complex ideas in an environment of civil discourse.

Harold H. Hersch Educational Fund
Anna B. Mow Symposium
Alison Yowell Pazmino Memorial Fund
W. Harold Row Symposium
Weimer Christian Vocation of Peace and Peace Making Lectureship Fund

Program Endowed Funds

A program endowed fund enables specified areas of the College to offer benefits above and beyond the items included in the normal operating budget.  These funds enhance a variety of programs, allowing them to offer the finest liberal arts education possible. 

Carman G. Blough Library Fund
Paul H. Bowman Book Fund
Harry F. Byrd, Jr. Business Endowment
Newton D. Cool Book Fund
Earl Flory Summer School Endowment
Samuel Harley Summer School Endowment
Lester Hoover Summer School Endowment
Endowment for Library Acquisitions in the Humanities
Lloyd and Margaret Gochenour Library Fund
Dr. John W. Martin, Jr. Summer Research Endowment
Lula A. Miller Endowment for Library Enrichment in the Humanities
G. W. and Edith Petcher Memorial Fund
Summer School Scholarship Endowment
W. P. Williams Summer School Endowment

Endowed Faculty Support

Endowed support of faculty through Chairs, Professorships and Awards allows Bridgewater to attract and retain top faculty by providing  them with opportunities to be recognized as the best in their discipline while remaining focused on their students’ success.

Endowed Chairs

A. LeRoy and Wanda Harmon Baker Chair of Science
Carman G. Blough Chair of Accounting
Harry G. M. Jopson Chair of Biology
Lawrance S. and Carmen C. Miller Chair in Ethics
Anna Beahm Mow Chair of Religion
W. Harold Row Chair of International Studies
The William W. Thomas Chair of Human Letters


The Edwin L. Turner Distinguished Professor of History

Faculty Enhancement Endowments

John S. Flory, Sr. Endowment in the Humanities
Philosophy and Religion Endowment for Faculty Enhancement
Martha B. Thornton Faculty Recognition Award
Ben and Janice Wade Outstanding Teaching Award

Other Endowed Funds

Endowed funds enrich other areas of the College, supporting the BC’s mission to educate the whole person by providing a challenging and supportive learning community that fosters the growth of its students and empowers and motivates them to live educated, intelligent, healthy, purposeful and ethical lives in a global society. 

Mary Moore Aldhizer Quasi-Endowment
Friends of Bridgewater College Equestrian Center Quasi-Endowment
Paul H. Bowman and Flora Hoover Bowman Endowment
Flora Nininger Brugh Campus Beautification Endowment
Christian Leadership Endowment Fund
Daleville Endowment
Dr. John S. Flory Fellowship of Scholars Endowment
Football Squad of ’49-’50 Endowment
V. L. and E. R. Frederick Endowment
Fred O. and Virginia C. Funkhouser Center for Health and Wellness Endowment
Wayne F. and E. Maurine Geisert Endowment Fund
The Nelson T. Huffman Endowed Music Fund
Melissa D. Jett Memorial Fund
Jopson Quasi-Endowment for Science Equipment
Otis D. Kitchen Endowment
Hazel Jones Lewis Endowment
A. D. and Emma Grace Miller Endowment
The Reverend Wilfred E. and Dr. Joyce A. Nolen Fund for Music Endowment
Reuel B. Pritchett Museum Endowment
R. Coleman and Anne Murray Reid Endowment Fund for Community Service
Harry W. and Ina Mason Shank Peace Studies Endowment
Frances E. Silliman Memorial Endowment Fund
Charles O. and Judith Shreckhise Strickler Personal Development Portfolio Endowment Fund
Margaret Grattan Weaver Institute for Local History and Culture
Ivan D. and Bertie Wilson Endowed Fund

Endowed Scholarships and Awards

Endowed scholarships do more than attract the best and the brightest to Bridgewater, they often provide critical financial support so many students need today.

Margaret Landis Adams Memorial Scholarship
Lucy Ashmore Adamson Pre-Med Scholarship
Raymond and Virginia Andes Endowed Scholarship Fund
Charles E. Armbruster, Sr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ernest W. and Hilda L. Ausherman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dr. A. LeRoy Baker Scholarship
Bruce James Bandle Memorial Scholarship Fund
Leona K. Barlow Endowment for Scholarship
James E. Beahm Endowed Scholarship Fund
Bertha Negley Bergum Scholarship Fund
Blue Ridge Alumni Endowment
John W. Boitnott Endowed Scholarship Fund
J. Ralph Bonsack Scholarship
Berkley O. and Edith Fry Bowman Scholarship
Cletus B. and Geraldine H. Bowman Scholarship
Glenn C. Bowman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ruth B. Bowman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Samuel Joseph and Sue Virginia Bowman Endowed Scholarship
Warren D. and Olive Smith Bowman Memorial Scholarship Fund
J. Leonard and Thelma Kennett Branch ACE Scholarship
Bridgewater College Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
Bridgewater College Alumni Association Augusta County Scholarship
Bridgewater College Class of 1950 Scholarship Fund
Bridgewater College Class of 1952 Golden Scholarship
The Class of 1962 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1963 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1964 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund
Class of 1966 Scholarship Fund
Class of 1967 Scholarship Fund
William L. Brown Scholarship Fund
Mary Coffman Bryant and her son Warren Lynn Bryant Endowed Scholarship Fund
Charles Henry and Linnie Louise Miller Buckle Endowed Scholarship Fund
John William Burgess and Ida Lleulla Burgess Memorial Scholarship Fund
L. Daniel and Louise Roller Burtner Endowed Scholarship Fund
Harry F. Byrd, Jr. Scholarship Fund
A. Joseph and Orpha H. Caricofe Endowed Scholarship Fund
Anna B. Caricofe Scholarship Fund
Christian Faith Endowed Scholarship
Richard A. Claybrook, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
David and Effie Cline Scholarship Fund
William H. and Gertrude B. Coffman Memorial Education Scholarship Fund
Margie Ann Conner Scholarship Fund
Horace V. and Mary M. Cox Scholarship Fund
The Ronald V. and Violet Siron Cox Scholarship
Dr. Galen Glick Craun, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Warren, Robert and Laura Craun Scholarship Fund
Eston Leon Crickenberger Endowed Scholarship Fund
Crummett Family Scholarship
Davis Family Scholarship
J. B. and Betty D. Dillon Educational Fund
W. Burton Dillon Scholarship Fund
Irvin David Driver and Willie Long Driver Family Memorial
John L. Driver Memorial Scholarship Fund
Howard G. Dull Endowed Scholarship Fund
Jessie Ball duPont Scholarship Fund
John W. and Lurene M. Durna Award for Excellence in Pre-Law Studies
W. Harry and Anna T. Edmonson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eller Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
David Newton Eller and Lydia Alice Graybill Eller Memorial Scholarship
Jessie Mae Conner Eller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lester S. and Edna Mae Evans Memorial Scholarship Fund
Carson L. Fifer Scholarship Fund
Mary Margaret Showalter Fifer and Charles Frederick Fifer Memorial Fund
John William Fike Endowed Scholarship Fund
G. Wayne Flora Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Flora-Swartz-Wilson Heritage Scholarship Fund
D.C. Flory Memorial Scholarship Fund
Orville C. and Mary S. Flory Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Bumgardner Fogle Endowed Scholarship Fund
F. Bruce Forward, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Luther Charles Fultz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Harold L. and Isabelle Fisher Garber Endowed Scholarship Fund
Robert B. and Edith A. Garber Endowed Scholarship Fund
Rachel H. Garner Memorial Scholarship Fund
Margie John Garst Music Scholarship
Daniel S. and Elizabeth G. Geiser Endowed Scholarship Fund
Wayne F. and E. Maurine Geisert Endowment Fund
Geraldine Zigler Glick Memorial Scholarship Fund
John E., Sr. and Mary Miller Glick Endowed Scholarship Fund
John T., Effie Evers, and Paul Emerson Glick Memorial Scholarship Fund
Simon D. and Ruth L. Glick Scholarship Fund
Margaret Steagall Glover Endowed Scholarship Fund
Carroll and Nina Goodridge Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Florence Johnson Green Education Endowment Fund
Hargett Family Scholarship Fund
Samuel A. and Elsie Hollen Harley Scholarship Fund
Dr. John S. Harman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Alvin T. and Macie M. Harmon Endowed Scholarship Fund
H. L. Harris Endowed Scholarship Fund
Guy N. and Edna W. Hartman Scholarship Fund
Nancy Jo Grossnickle Haupt Endowed Scholarship Fund
John R. and Katherine Lambert Hays Scholarship Fund
Helping Hand Scholarship
Henley-Fisk Scholarship
Maurice K. and Gray R. Henry Scholarship Fund
The Hewitt Family Equestrian Scholarship Fund
Paul S. Hill Endowment Fund
J. W. Hines Scholarship Fund
Dr. Cecil E. Hinkel Endowed Scholarship Fund
John R. and Melissa M. Hipps Family Heritage Scholarship Fund
Warren W. Hobbie Scholarship Fund
Charles J. and Floy N. Hoke Endowed Fund
David LaVerne and Miriam M. Holl Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Jacob A. and Kittie Danner Hoover Scholarship Fund
John H. and Annie Rebecca Flory Hoover Memorial Scholarship Fund
Aaron M. Horst Scholarship Fund
S. Ruth Howe Endowed Scholarship Fund
Robert L. Hueston Endowed Scholarship Fund
Nelson T. Huffman Bridgewater Rotary Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Hylton Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Henry C. and Margaret H. Ikenberry Endowed Scholarship Fund
John William Sr. and Ida Barnhart Ikenberry Scholarship Fund
Dr. Harry G. M. "Doc" Jopson Scholarship
Caroline Byrd Keeney Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rufus Bucher King and Wanda Hoover King Endowed Scholarship Fund
Wanda Hoover King Endowed Scholarship Fund in Family and Consumer Sciences
Donald Lester Kline Memorial Scholarship Fund
John M. Kline, Jr. Family Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Paul M. and Betty H. Kline Endowed Scholarship Fund
Wilmer M. and Nora Harley Kline International Scholarship Endowment
The Louise R. Lanier Endowed Scholarship Fund
Charles D. and Vergie C. Lantz Endowed Scholarship Fund
S. Floyd and Minnie Laughrun Scholarship
Dr. Bernard S. Logan Memorial Scholarship Fund
I. S. and Effie V. Long, Madeleine Long Arthur Scholarship Fund
Edward Lukens Scholarship Fund
The Laura S. Mapp Scholarship Fund
Rev. and Mrs. A.L.B. Martin Scholarship Fund
Maryland Education Scholarship Fund
Russell E. and Mary Zigler Mason Endowed Scholarship Fund
Lee and Ida Hinegardner May Memorial Scholarship Fund
W. Holmes and Reefa Hoover McGuffin Memorial Scholarship
Robert M. and Mary E. McKinney Endowment Fund
Dr. David "Doc" McQuilkin Endowed Scholarship Fund
Miller-Michael Music Scholarship
David R. and S. Frances Wampler Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edna L. (Peg) Miller and George W. Miller Family Scholarship Fund
Herman B. and Frances M. Miller Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Lowell A. and Peggy W. Miller Scholarship
Lula A. Miller Endowed Scholarship Fund
Minor C. and Agnes Shipman Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Russell and Cleo Driver Miller Endowed Scholarship Fund
S. Earl and Vera W. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship Fund
Kathryn Leigh Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund
Monger Family Endowed Scholarship
P. Buckley Moss Special Education Scholarship Fund
James A. Mumper and Leone C. Mumper Endowed Scholarship Fund
Abner H. and Eunice Naff Myers Endowed Scholarship
John C. Myers Memorial Scholarship
Mark Early Myers, Sr. and Dorothy Miller Myers Scholarship Fund
Ernie Neff and Susan G. Neff Scholarship Fund
Miles and Joyce Nelson Scholarship
Nolen-Henneberger Endowed Scholarship
Richard D. Obenshain Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jasper H. and Edna Wampler Pence Scholarship Fund
Esther Mae Wilson Petcher Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Richard M. Petre Scholarship Fund
Leland F. Pittman and Rebecca K. Pittman Endowed Scholarship
Pleasant Hill Church of the Brethren Scholarship
Margaret Flory Wampler Rainbolt Scholarship Fund
William S. and Betty M. Ray Endowed Scholarship Fund
Garland L. Reed Endowed Chemistry Award
The Ruth E. (Stull) Ridder Memorial Scholarship Fund
David L. Rogers Scholarship Fund
Earnie J. and Viola Rowe Scholarship Fund
H. Edgar and Mary E. Royer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Helen Early Ruby Endowed Scholarship Fund
Russian International Studies Student Scholarship Fund
Charles Miller Sackett and Marilee Miller Sackett Scholarship Fund
Homer N. and Bertha Miller Sackett Memorial Scholarship Fund
Roger E. Sappington Memorial Scholarship Fund
Albert L. and Loretta S. Sauls Scholarship Fund
Dora Virginia Schmidt Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Joseph K. Scott Family Scholarship Fund
Joseph Elmer Seehorn and Bessie Diehl Seehorn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Norman A. and Anna Bowman Seese Endowed Scholarship Fund
Anna Mary Bopst Shaw and Irma Bopst Bonsack Scholarship
Scherrfig (Sherfey) Family, J. Arthur Allison and Dora Clark Allison Endowed Scholarship Fund
Paul W. Shiflet Endowed Scholarship Fund
Catherine M. Shively Memorial Scholarship Fund
Emma Whisler Shively Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Levi S. Shively Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics
Dr. Ralph L. Shively Endowed Scholarship Fund
Victoria Weybright Shoemaker Scholarship
Arva V. Short Endowed Scholarship Fund
Shull-Huffman Music Scholarship Fund
Loren S. and Miriam Blough Simpson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Carolyn "Carlie" Rinehart Smith Scholarship Fund
David G. and Margie Messick Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund
Mabel Glick Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund
Mary Hoover Smith Scholarship Fund
Snyder Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Randall, Anna Snader and Gretchen Pittinger Spoerlein Endowed Scholarship
Perry Franklin Spitzer and Emma Mabel Baldwin Spitzer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rugby H. St. John Endowed Scholarship in Family and Consumer Sciences
Ruth Weybright Stauffer Organ Scholarship Fund
Effie Tillmer Stickley Memorial Scholarship Fund
Phil and Cherrill Stone Scholarship for First Generation College Students
Stoner-Roop Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wesley Edward Straub Memorial Scholarship Fund
Virginia Garber Cole Strickler Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Stuart R. Suter Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Stephen Tayman Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Jacob Thomas Family Endowed Scholarship
Thomas R. Thornley Music Scholarship Fund
Trout Family Scholarship Fund
Dale V. Ulrich Physics Scholarship
The Karl Robert Verell Scholarship Fund
Orland "Jack" Wages Bridgewater Rotary Scholarship Fund
Benjamin O. and Crystal Driver Wakeman Scholarship
George H. Wakeman Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles W. Wampler, Sr. Scholarship Fund
Frederick J. and Ernest M. Wampler and Wives Endowed Scholarship
John B. Wampler Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Rick and Steve Wampler Endowed Scholarship Award
The Ruth and Steve Watson Philosophy Award Fund
John W. Wayland Endowed Scholarship Fund
Nelson T. and Helen M. Wetsel Family Scholarship
The Harold R. and Mary H. Weybright Scholarship Fund
Rowland and Ethel Thomas Whitehair Scholarship
Faith, Muriel, Carlyle and Alfred Whitelow Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Whitmore Sisters Endowed Scholarship Fund
David E. Will Endowed Scholarship Fund for the Support of Public Accounting
N. Paige Will and Ann Crist Will Scholarship
Elby C. and Evelyn Roller Wilson Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Dr. Linda Knight Wilson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Gloria Bohn Wilson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Albert and Goldie Wine Senior Ministerial Endowed Scholarship Fund
John Eugene Wine Endowed Scholarship Fund
Emily Miller Wise Endowed Scholarship Fund
Edgar N. and Odessa Roberson Wright Memorial Scholarship Fund

Endowed Institutes

Kline-Bowman Institute for Creative Peacebuilding
Zane D. Showker Institute for Responsible Leadership
Wade Institute for Teaching and Learning

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