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Objectives for Educators - Writing Academy

Participating teachers will earn 90 recertification points and will develop the following skills:

Pedagogical Skills:

  • P1: the ability to design classrooms that are communities of learners
  • P2: the ability to design classrooms that utilize the writer’s workshop approach
  • P3: the ability to design classrooms that emphasize the process of writing as being equally important to the product of writing
  • P4: the ability to communicate theory into practice of writing centers, writer’s workshop and thoughtful literacy
  • P5: the ability to adapt curriculum to incorporate writings as an extension of the liberal arts and all areas of preK-12 disciplines
  • P6: the ability to establish the inherent connections between reading and writing

Writing Skills:

  • W1: the ability to write with authentic voice
  • W2: the ability to differentiate the elements of composing, editing, revising and publishing
  • W3: the ability to identify elements of effective communication
  • W4: the ability to use authentic voice to respond and analyze
  • W5: the ability to write a variety of discourse across a variety of audiences

Affective Skills:

  • A1: the ability to understand that writing is an expression of thought, both creative and critical
  • A2: the ability to understand that to teach writing teachers must see themselves as writers
  • A3: the ability to elicit written thought from developing writers
  • A4: the ability to understand that the process of critique is a shared interaction among a community of learners within a writing workshop classroom
  • A5: the ability to be open to change classroom structures and pedagogical bias to the teaching of process-centered, authentic voice writing, including the use of digital literacies