Bridgewater College Professor Dr. Brandon Marsh Speaks on First Book

March 23, 2015

by Angela Taldone ’15

On Mar. 4, Dr. Brandon Marsh spoke to students, community members, faculty and staff in Cole Hall.

Dr. Marsh is an assistant professor of history at Bridgewater College and author of Ramparts of Empire: British Imperialism and India’s Afghan Frontier, 1918-1948, his first book and topic of his recent convocation lecture.

His lecture was composed of two parts: the context and setting of his book, followed by a walkthrough of the book and its story. As a goal for his book, Dr. Marsh wanted to “examine the relationship between British policies and perceptions about the Afghan Frontier and how this related to the decline and collapse of British supremacy in South Asia.”

The topic of Dr. Marsh’s book was an extension of his doctoral dissertation at the University of Texas at Austin. His book was split into three parts, which Dr. Marsh elaborated on throughout his lecture.

Dr. Marsh is the first person to write about and bring significant awareness to the Peshawar Massacre of April of 1930. Describing the occurrence as the “deadliest police action against an Indian crowd in the history of British in India,” he believes that it was “crucial” for this story to be told.

Concluding his lecture, Dr. Marsh describes the post-war development as “quite remarkable.” However, in regard to the tribal area in India, Dr. Marsh explained that there was no development policy and never has been, and “politicians weren’t even allowed in until two years ago.” Dr. Marsh closed his lecture saying, “the more things change, in this case, the more they stay the same.”