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Connecting Current Students with Alumni


Phonathon, connecting current students with alumni of the College and their parents by telephone, is an important way to stay in contact with the College. It is the easiest way to pledge your support to Bridgewater. Make sure we have your phone number on record so that you won’t miss the opportunity to speak with a current student.

We host two calling seasons each fiscal year. The Fall Phonathon session usually runs from September through November. The Spring session begins in February and runs through April. We only call constituents who have not yet made a gift or pledge to the College in the current fiscal year. If you pledge in the fall, we will not call you in the spring.

Who’s Calling?

The phone will ring. You’ll recognize the number, excitedly wondering who you’ll get to talk to during Bridgewater’s Phonathon. Below, we'll shed some light on that mystery, and offer you some background information on this year’s Phonathon callers, so you will know who’s calling when you pick up the phone.

Our spring session has ended. Check back in September to learn more about the next group of callers.