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Mediation and Conduct Services | College Catalog

The office of mediation and conduct services strives to promote a learning environment that is safe and positive, in which the rights of all members of the campus community are respected. The office seeks to promote student learning and development by increasing awareness of the College community’s expectations of behavior, holding students accountable for violations of these expectations and developing educational sanctions designed to help students learn and grow from their mistakes. The office also strives to help students see both the immediate and the long-term consequences of their behavior.

The conduct process is an educational opportunity that allows individuals to learn from their mistakes, while at the same time protecting the rights of all members of the campus community. This process provides opportunities for students to discover underlying issues that lead to irresponsible behavior and to recognize the need to accept responsibility. Recognizing that our students are the leaders of tomorrow, we seek to help them develop their character and become a person of integrity through this educational process. The conduct process is explained further under Student Rights and Responsibilities in The Eagle, the student handbook. Every student is responsible for knowing the information and campus policies in The Eagle.

In situations where a student takes responsibility, restorative justice may be used in addition to or in place of the conduct process. The College has two designated boards to handle various campus policy infractions: the Conduct Board and the Honor Council. Any matter may also be handled administratively by the vice president for student life and dean of students or designee or the provost and vice president for academic affairs.

Students involved in conflict(s) with another individual(s) or roommate may have the conflict(s) mediated with the assistance of a third party mediator assigned. To request mediation, please speak to a student life staff member.