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Communication Studies Minor

Division of Communication Studies, Fine Arts and Literature

Add a communication studies minor to any major at Bridgewater. Expand your knowledge of communication technology and media and practice communication through interactive learning experiences.

Consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours.

Required courses (9 credits):

An introduction to the history and influence ofcommunication technology in society. The classwill explore the various social politicalcultural and economic impacts of newcommunication technology. Major topics includethe origins of writing printing photographyfilm the telegraph and telephone radiotelevision and the internet.2017 Summer Session II offered as an onlinecourse

Unit(s): 3

Examines how electronic media industries havechanged the way we produce and consume mediaproducts. The course will examine how the digitalage has impacted notions of interactivityvirtual space media production networks andcredibility. Particular attention will be paid tothe social economic and political implicationsof these changes.2015 Summer Session II offered as an online course

Unit(s): 3

Examines issues related to communication withinpersonal and professional relationships. Studentswill develop theoretical and practicalunderstandings of verbal and nonverbalcommunication the role of technology ininterpersonal communication and how interpersonalcommunication functions to develop negotiatemaintain and terminate relationships.

Unit(s): 3

Choose any other 9 credit hours with a COMM prefix (other than COMM 100)

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