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Child Development Concentration

Division of Professional Studies

For students interested in working with children. Consists of 13 credit hours in the following courses:

Development and analysis of the major types of childrens literature are addressed including picture books poetry fables folktales fantasy realism and historical fiction. Students read and analyze classic examples of each type. Prerequisites PDP 150 or PDP 350 and ENG 110 General Education Literature Writing Intensive

Unit(s): 3

Theory and practice related to what general education teachers need to know as they work with learners who are provided special education services. Emphasis is on implementing IEPs providing accommodation and differentiation and collaborating co-teaching with special educators. Prerequisite EDUC 140 and EDUC 200 or permission of instructor

Unit(s): 3

Overview of the process of parenting in diverse cultural and familial structures. Exploration of issues related to parenting at various stages of development as well as formation of parenting goals and styles. Emphasis placed on parent-child interactions through the child rearing years. Provides an emphasis on evidence-based practices and evaluation of programming. Prerequisites PDP 150 or PDP 350 Experiential learning

Unit(s): 3

Examine issues related to physical cognitive and socio-emotional development of the child from conception through early adolescence. Students will develop theoretical and practical knowledge of child development concepts. Provisions are made for observing and working with preschool children. Prerequisite junior standing

Unit(s): 4

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