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Gerontology Concentration

Division of Professional Studies

For students in any major wishing to work with the aging population. Consists of 9 credit hours including the following:

Examination of how society supports controls and constrains our arrival into and departure from the world revealing the ways that events often assumed to be natural are in fact conditioned by social and cultural forces. Special emphasis on the communication of cultural norms regarding birth and death the impact of advances in medicine and technology and how birth and death become cultural metaphors for other social phenomena. Prerequisite SOC 101 Alternate years offered 2015-2016

Unit(s): 3

Investigation of the major areas of cognitive psychology. Topics include perception and attention representation of knowledge models of memory problem solvingreasoning language and intelligence. Analysis of the validity and reliability of measuring cognitive processes occur through participation in hands-on experiments and demonstrations. Prerequisite PSY 230 or permission of the instructor

Unit(s): 3

Examine issues related to geriatrics with emphasis on issues including historical cultural biological physiological psychological and social contexts. Opportunities for experiential learning in residential and intermediate facilities with appropriate agencies. Prequisite PDP 150 or PDP 350 Experiential learning

Unit(s): 3

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