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Nutritional Science Concentration

Division of Professional Studies

A concentration in Nutritional Science provides depth to the studies of students interested in the basics of foods and current nutrition topics. Those interested in health and wellness community programs for employment or wanting a general knowledge of these areas will have the knowledge and experiential learning in these areas from this concentration. Consists of 9 credit hours including the following :

Basic nutrition concepts nutrition needs throughout the life cycle and current nutrition issues.

Unit(s): 3

Investigation of the scientific principles involved in basic cookery with emphasis on quality characteristics and product evaluation. Structure composition and nutritive value of foods are studied as well as food selection storage preparation processing and meal management techniques. Food safety and an ecological approach to food selection and preparation is emphasized. Instruction requires two class meetings per week and one three-hour lab.

Unit(s): 3

Nutritional needs throughout each phase of the life cycle are emphasized. Instructional delivery appropriate to each age group is stressed. Prerequisite FCS 240

Unit(s): 3

Nutritional Science majors cannot complete a concentration in Nutritional Science.

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