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Teaching Experiences

Field Experiences

Students complete a variety of field experiences in their licensure and endorsement area. These observational and participatory field experiences range from 10-20 hours per course and are taken concurrently with a specific education course. Candidates must be admitted into the Teacher Education Program prior to taking any 300-level field experience. All candidates will have spent more than 150 hours in PreK-12 classrooms prior to their semester of student teaching.


The practicum is a three-week, full-day placement taken immediately before student teaching. Candidates teach in a grade-level range different from their student teaching placement, but within their range of licensure. They teach a minimum of two lessons, participate in all professional activities of their classroom cooperating teacher and engage in reflective seminars back on campus or online.

Student Teaching

The student teaching placement is a semester-long final field experience involving instructional planning, observation and teaching. Candidates are supervised by the classroom cooperating teacher and a College supervisor. During the placement, they are expected to assume complete responsibility for the classroom and to engage in all activities related to teaching in the school community.

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