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May Term Travel Courses

May Term travel courses offer a study abroad experience in a few short weeks. You’ll gain first-hand knowledge of another culture and discover more about the world around you. From England to Argentina. From Hungary to South Africa. Travel and learn with BC.

May Term is an intensive three-week class session in May, after the spring semester, focused on experiential learning courses. You’ll take only one course, typically for 3 credits.

Preregistration begins in the spring semester the year prior to the travel course, when professors often post information and hold sessions for interested students.

Students planning to take a May 2021 travel course must fill out the Pre-enrollment Waiver for Students (must be completed before course registration can be finalized).

May 2021 Travel Courses 

ART 307X: Visual Arts of Spain 

Professor: Eric Kniss

An introduction to the visual arts and culture of Spain. Emphasis is on both historical and contemporary works of art and architecture, taking into consideration who and what influenced the artists and architects. Students are introduced to Spanish culture through food, music, markets, historical landmarks, and its landscapes and cityscapes. Visits include art and history museums, local markets, castles, cathedrals and other culturally relevant sites.

  • Destination: Spain
  • Prerequisite: FILA 150 or FILA 350 
  • General Education: World Cultures and Experiential Learning (X) 
  • Estimated Cost: $3200

BIOL 257X: Marine Ecology 

Professor: Kimberly Bolyard 

Field-based introduction to the biology and ecology of marine organisms and their habitats. Students learn about 1) the ocean as an environment, 2) the characteristics of organisms living in and near the ocean with a focus on marine invertebrates and fishes, and 3) ecological principles that govern the distribution and abundance of those organisms. A major focus is on the ecology of tropical marine ecosystems. Thus, students spend much of their time in the water investigating ecosystems such as mangrove estuaries, seagrass beds, and coral reefs. Applied aspects of marine ecology including human impacts, managements, conservation, fisheries and tourism are included throughout the course. There is also time to explore terrestrial tropical ecosystems, such as freshwater mangrove forests and tropical forests, and cultural markets or archaeological ruins, depending on the field site. 

  • Destination: Ecuador 
  • Prerequisites: FILA 150 or FILA 350; and BIO 100, 101, or 110
  • General Education: Experiential Learning (X)
  • Estimated Cost: $5000

BUS 365X: Cross-Cultural Issues in Business

Professor: Holly Caldwell 

Explores cultural differences in business practices. Combines international travel and experiential learning with classroom discussion and reflection to enrich students’ educational experience. The travel portion of the course provides opportunities for direct communication with business leaders in the selected location, facility tours, and attending business lectures at local universities. Travel destinations include Europe, South America, Japan and China. On campus, students actively reflect on cross-cultural similarities and differences in the conduct of business, cross-cultural business issues, and ways to become more sensitive to the complexities, relationships, and dialogues among different cultures. May be taken more than once provided a different location is selected each time.

  • Destination: London and Paris
  • Prerequisites: ENG-110 and permission of instructor
  • General Education: Experiential Learning (X) 
  • Estimated Cost: $3900

GER 305X: German Speaking Cultures

Professor: Geraldine Suter 

Study of German cultures and media by traveling to German-speaking countries, such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland and other relevant European sites.

  • Destination: London and Berlin
  • Prerequisite: FILA 150 or FILA 350 
  • General Education: World Cultures and Experiential Learning (X) 
  • Estimated Cost: $3200

ENG 323X: International Cultural Analysis

Professor: Scott Suter

This course examines significant similarities and difference between the cultures of the United States and a variety of international cultures. Students explore differences in media, foodways, music and theater, folk and popular culture, and museums. The class meets for approximately a week of classes on the Bridgewater campus prior to traveling to several locations throughout the world. Cities that may be toured include Berlin, London, Munich, Paris and Prague (exact cities to be visited are selected each year). Additional costs associated with travel.

  • Destination: London and Berlin
  • Prerequisites: FILA 150 or FILA 350 
  • General Education: World Cultures and Experiential Learning (X)  
  • Estimated Cost: $3200

HIST 285X: Monuments, Memorials, and Museums 

Professor: Martin Kalb

Examines remembrance as it takes shape in monuments, memorials, and museums. Students critically engage with conceptions, conversations, and controversies around memory at the intersection of history, memory studies, public/ digital history, and museum studies. Students use documents, images, and scholarship to explore different sites, traveling to monuments, memorials, and museums. 

  • Destination: London and Berlin
  • Prerequisites: FILA 150 or FILA 350; and a 100 or 200 level history course 
  • General Education: World Cultures and Experiential Learning (X)  
  • Estimated Cost: $3200

HIST 330HX: Britain 1688-Present

Professor: Brandon Marsh 

Examines political, economic, and culture trends in British history from the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 to the present day. Modern Britain stands as one of the cornerstones of the contemporary world, and its politics and culture influenced global society in countless way, ranging from soccer to modern environmentalism to constitutional law. The course focuses on several major themes, including the role of religion, finance, and industry, the royal family, sport, and, most important of all, “social class,” in building British society. Students will acquire a basic understanding of the major driving forces of modern British history and the ways that they compare and interrelate with Europe, the United State, and the world. Taught at Oxford.

  • Destination: England 
  • Prerequisite: FILA 150 or FILA 350 
  • General Education: World Cultures, Honors Course and Experiential Learning (X)  
  • Estimated Cost: $5000

SPAN 304X: Peruvian Life and Culture

Professor: Alma Ramirez Trujillo

This course is an immersive experience in the life, language, culture, and history of Peru. Students will develop an understanding of the ways that Peruvian society manages interactions and sustains relationships with other cultures. Through study of texts, history and art and through interaction with a variety of communities, students will gain an understanding of Peruvian culture. They will reflect on differences of culture and integrate knowledge and skills from across the disciplines. The first week of this course is based in the capital, Lima, and the second week includes travel to Cuzco, Puno, Uros & Taquile Islands, and Machu Picchu. Students will have firsthand experience of the Peruvian lifestyle through its art, food, music, marketplaces, historical landmarks, and its landscapes. Knowledge of Spanish is not required.

  • Destination: Peru
  • Prerequisite: FILA 150 or FILA 350 
  • General Education: Global Dynamics and Experiential Learning 
  • Estimated Cost: $4400

SOC 339X: Food Cultures of Italy

Professors: Skip Burzamato and Susan Dixon 

An exploration of various regional food cultures of Italy. Particular emphasis will be placed on the production, distribution, and consumption of food, both historically and in the present, with attention to issues of sustainability and food justice in Italy. The first few days of the course will be spent on the Bridgewater College campus followed by ten to twelve days in Italy. In addition to a study of the food cultures of the region, students will have opportunities to explore significant historical and cultural sites in the area.

  • Destination: Italy 
  • Prerequisite: FILA 150 or FILA 350 
  • General Education: Experiential Learning (X) 
  • Estimated Cost: $4000

PWR 225X: Travel Writing

Professor: Ashley Lauro

Explores published works from various genres on the cultures and natural environments of variable destinations, which provide the bases for students’ original works in several modes of travel writing, including memoir, travelogue and creative nonfiction.

  • Destination: Ireland and UK
  • Prerequisites: FILA 150 or FILA 350, ENG 110
  • General Education: Experiential Learning (X)  
  • Estimated Cost: $3770