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May Term Travel Courses

May Term travel courses offer a study abroad experience in a few short weeks. You’ll gain first-hand knowledge of another culture and discover more about the world around you. From England to Argentina. From Hungary to South Africa. Travel and learn with BC.

May Term is an intensive three-week class session in May, after the spring semester, focused on experiential learning courses. You’ll take only one course, typically for 3 credits.

Preregistration begins in the spring semester the year prior to the travel course, when professors often post information and hold sessions for interested students.

Students planning to take a May 2019 travel course must fill out the Pre-enrollment Waiver for Students (must be completed before course registration can be finalized).

2019 Courses

ART 307X: Visual Arts of Spain
Professor: Eric Kniss
An introduction to the visual arts and culture of Spain. Emphasis is on both historical and contemporary works of art and architecture, taking into consideration who and what influenced the artists and architects. Students are introduced to Spanish culture through food, music, markets, historical landmarks, and its landscapes and cityscapes. Visits include art and history museums, local markets, castles, cathedrals and other culturally relevant sites.

Destination: Spain
Prerequisite: PDP 150 or PDP 350
General Education: World Cultures and Experiential Learning (X)
Estimated Cost: $3600

BIOL 257X: Marine Ecology
Professor: Kimberly Bolyard
Field-based introduction to the biology and ecology of marine organisms and their habitats. Students learn about 1) the ocean as an environment, 2) the characteristics of organisms living in and near the ocean with a focus on marine invertebrates and fishes, and 3) ecological principles that govern the distribution and abundance of those organisms. A major focus is on the ecology of tropical marine ecosystems. Thus, students spend much of their time in the water investigating ecosystems such as mangrove estuaries, seagrass beds, and coral reefs. Applied aspects of marine ecology including human impacts, managements, conservation, fisheries and tourism are included throughout the course. There is also time to explore terrestrial tropical ecosystems, such as freshwater mangrove forests and tropical forests, and cultural markets or archaeological ruins, depending on the field site.

Destination: Belize
Prerequisites: PDP 150 or PDP 350; and BIO 100, 101, or 110
General Education: Experiential Learning (X)
Estimated Cost: $3200

HIST 325H: Britain 1688-Present
Professor: Brandon Marsh
Examines political, economic, and culture trends in British history from the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 to the present day. Modern Britain stands as one of the cornerstones of the contemporary world, and its politics and culture influenced global society in countless way, ranging from soccer to modern environmentalism to constitutional law. The course focuses on several major themes, including the role of religion, finance, and industry, the royal family, sport, and, most important of all, “social class,” in building British society. Students will acquire a basic understanding of the major driving forces of modern British history and the ways that they compare and interrelate with Europe, the United State, and the world. Taught at Oxford.

Destination: England
Prerequisite: PDP 150 or PDP 350
General Education: World Cultures, Honors Course
Estimated Cost: $4850

SPAN 307X: Cuban Life and Culture
Professor: Alma Ramirez Trujillo
The first two weeks will be spent in Havana with daily language and culture classes, excursions around the city to museums, musical events, and other relevant cultural activities. Students will stay with a host family. Week three will be spent traveling around the island to see and study Caribbean architecture and colonial heritage.

Destination: Cuba
General Education: Global Dynamics and Experiential Learning (X pending)
Estimated Cost: $3800