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May Term Travel Courses

May Term travel courses offer a study abroad experience in a few short weeks. You’ll gain first-hand knowledge of another culture and discover more about the world around you. From England to Argentina. From Hungary to South Africa. Travel and learn with BC.

May Term is an intensive three-week class session in May, after the spring semester, focused on experiential learning courses. You’ll take only one course, typically for 3 credits.

Preregistration begins in the spring semester the year prior to the travel course, when professors often post information and hold sessions for interested students.

Students planning to take a May 2020 travel course must fill out the Pre-enrollment Waiver for Students (must be completed before course registration can be finalized).

2020 Courses

SPAN 308X: Spanish Life and Culture
Professor: Dr. Grace Martin
An introduction to the visual arts and culture of Spain. Emphasis is on both historical and contemporary works of art and architecture, taking into consideration who and what influenced the artists and architects. Students are introduced to Spanish culture through food, music, markets, historical landmarks, and its landscapes and cityscapes. Visits include art and history museums, local markets, castles, cathedrals and other culturally relevant sites.

Destination: Spain
Prerequisite: PDP 150 or PDP 350
General Education: World Cultures and Experiential Learning
Estimated Cost: $3800

ES 357: Global Healthcare and Sport
Professor: Dr. Jill Lassiter
Comparison of the similarities and differences between varied World Health Organization ranked global healthcare systems. Emphasis will be placed on exploring delivery, financing, and effectiveness of services within various healthcare systems, with a special focus on sports medicine and related prevention and intervention resources for athletes. The class will travel to Portugal and Hungary for 14 days.

Destination: Hungary and Portugal
Prerequisite: PDP 150 or PDP 350
General Education: World Cultures
Estimated Cost: $5000