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Canada's New Orford String Quartet to Perform Feb. 8

January 26, 2017

Photo of The New Orford String Quartet

The New Orford String Quartet from Canada will present a lyceum at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8, in the Carter Center for Worship and Music at Bridgewater College.

Forty-five years ago the Orford String Quartet was formed at the Jeunesses-Musicales du Canada summer camp at Pare National du Mont-Orford (now the Orford Arts Centre). The quartet became one of Canada’s best-known music ensembles before disbanding in 1991, 26 years after its founding. In July 2009, the New Orford String Quartet was founded on the tradition of its predecessor.

The members of the New Orford String Quartet are all principal players in the Montreal and Toronto Symphony orchestras. 

The quartet is dedicated to promoting Canadian works, both new commissions, as well as earlier neglected repertoire. The group also performs repertoire from classical composers including Johannes Brahms, Claude Debussy, Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven

The quartet has received two Opus Awards for Concert of the Year.

In 2011 the New Orford String Quartet released its debut album of the final quartets of Franz Schubert and Beethoven. The CD was nominated for a JUNO Award in 2012.

The lyceum is free and open to the public.

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