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Celebrate Diversity

Center for Diversity Education and Advocacy

Celebrate Diversity

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Campus life brings together people from diverse backgrounds. As a Bridgewater student, you’ll encounter people from different parts of the U.S. and from around the world. You’ll have classes with them. Share meals with them. Live with them. Laugh with them. Many will become your friends.

Appreciating Differences

Developing an awareness of and respect for different backgrounds, races and cultures will be an important part of your education. It’s critical for becoming a global citizen.

Bridgewater strives to be an inclusive and understanding community. Here, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stretch beyond your comfort zone. Learn about other cultures. Listen to new perspectives. Challenge your own thinking.

Our differences make us strong.

Mission and Purpose

The Center for Diversity Education and Advocacy, located at 112 College View Drive, creates meaningful opportunities for all BC students, faculty, staff and community. Together, we can share, learn and grow in understanding and appreciation of cultural differences and similarities.

The center provides a variety of educational, social and cultural activities and programs that promote awareness and increase support and appreciation for diversity at BC. Cultural awareness programs, student leadership initiatives, mentoring programs and international awareness are among the programs sponsored by the center.

The center’s goals are to:

  • Encourage healthy and change making dialogues about a variety of social justice topics
  • Engage students through mission-driven programming
  • Encourage students to explore the diverse world and their personal identity
  • Empower student organizations affiliated with the CCE through leadership development
  • Empower all students’ social consciousness

Events and Information

Find out about upcoming events at BC on our calendar and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page!

Student Organizations

Asian Student Association celebrates the Asian cultures through music, dance, holiday celebrations, and social issues that impact the Asian identity at Bridgewater College and the surrounding community. ASA provides social and service activities for all interested individuals and promotes identity and unity among the Asian students of Bridgewater College.

Black Student Association (BSA) supports black students at Bridgewater. We also promote awareness of contributions by African Americans on the campus community and beyond. Open to all students.

BC Allies is the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning) advocacy group on campus, open to students, faculty and staff. BC Allies works to create greater awareness for the LGBTQ community and increase advocacy for LGBTQ issues. Open to all students.

Latino Student Association is dedicated to creating, fostering, and bringing awareness about the Latino/a community at the college. Open to all students.

World Languages Club exposes students to the many cultures and languages of the world. This group often takes day trips to places such as Washington D.C. and Richmond to visit embassies, art exhibitions, film festivals, etc.

Cultural Awareness Celebrations promote cultural understanding on the campus community and beyond. Our programs include Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, Transgender Remembrance Day, World Hijab Day, Kwanzaa, the celebration of the life of Martin Luther King Jr., a diverse group of convocation speakers throughout the year focused on social justice topics, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, LGBT PRIDE Week, International Festival and Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Letter from the Director of Diversity Education and Advocacy


Welcome to Bridgewater College! As many Eagles will attest, one of the most exciting and memorable aspects of the Bridgewater College experience is the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and from all over the world. As the Director of Diversity Education and Advocacy, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our beautiful campus. As a BC student, you will be engaging in an exciting chapter of your life. We are looking forward to being a meaningful part of your college experience.

The Center for Diversity Education and Advocacy promotes a campus community that affirms an understanding and appreciation of diversity and encourages inclusiveness of and respect for different cultures. The center works collaboratively with other departments to serve underrepresented students by developing programs and resources to assist in the process from matriculation to graduation, and to provide resources and ideas for majority students seeking to identify and understand matters of diversity. All students are invited and encouraged to make the choice to be challenged by the many diverse opportunities offered through fellowship, leadership and multicultural education.

For further questions, or information, stop by the Center for Diversity Education and Advocacy located at 112 College View Drive. We are open for browsing resources, checking email, hosting a meeting or just relaxing. Also, please feel free to check out our Facebook page: Bridgewater College Center for Diversity Education and Advocacy. I can also be reached by phone at 540-828-5749.

Questions? Contact Us!

Joanne Harris-Duff, Director of the Center for Diversity Education and Advocacy
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.