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Learning Beyond the Classroom

Eagles Engage: Rising to New Heights

A Curriculum for Bridgewater College Student Life

Engage in self-discovery. Learn what it means to be a responsible citizen of a community.

As a student at Bridgewater College, your learning experience extends far beyond the classroom and into every area of life.

Whether you’re participating in a residence hall meeting or learning communication skills in order to resolve conflict, you won’t remain the same. You’ll grow in so many ways through the Bridgewater experience.

Through your engagement in student life, you’ll focus on these four areas and achieve the following learning outcomes:

Identity IconIdentity

  • Identify and develop your personal values and beliefs
  • Identify your emotions and exercise self-discipline
  • Explore and develop the different dimensions of wellness and their impact on successful living
  • Advocate for yourself and learn to engage available resources when needed

Community IconCommunity

  • Identify your roles and responsibilities in your community
  • Practice effective communication skills
  • Recognize your impact on others and develop ownership and pride in your community
  • Identify the benefits and limitations of community standards and values
  • Practice civil discourse and effective conflict resolution skills  

Critical Thinking IconCritical Thinking

  • Recognize and avoid unexamined assumptions
  • Examine how and why decisions are made
  • Develop positive action plans and strategies
  • Increase your capacity for independent thought and articulate personal beliefs

Cultural Appreciation IconCultural Appreciation

  • Identify your own cultural identity
  • Discover others’ viewpoints and perspectives
  • Engage in dialogue regarding culture experiences
  • Recognize barriers to social equality

Implementation Goals

The College is using forms of intentional engagement to implement the student life curriculum:

  • Active events in the residence halls Hosted by RAs
  • Campus-wide student activities
  • Bulletin boards
  • Intentional conversations with residents
  • Community meetings
  • Stall talks
  • Posters
  • Tabling across campus
  • Student staff trainings

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Department of Student Life