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May Term

Learning through a new lens

If experience is the best teacher, then students who take a May Term course are undoubtedly learning lessons that last a lifetime. Imagine traveling to Iceland and Denmark to study alternative modes of energy production. Or visiting New York City to learn how various immigrant groups preserve their food cultures (and tasting their dishes along the way). Or studying marine organisms in their habitats in Belize, Florida or the Caribbean. On top of all of this, you’ll earn course credits (typically three).

The experiential learning structure of May Term courses allows you to learn with depth and focus as you immerse yourself in such topics such as poetry, peace and religion, historical artifacts, global health care and more. By focusing on just one class for the three-week term, you’ll make strong connections between what you’re learning via hands-on experiences and your own life. You’ll learn more about the world around you—and about yourself. Courses are offered both on campus and as travel courses, to cities in the United States as well as in other countries.

What will I study?

Classes from a broad range of areas of study are offered, whether you’re searching for a further extension of your major or want to experience something completely new. A travel course to Spain includes studying its history and culture through art, food, music and marketplaces. A 10-day travel excursion to Argentina features six days in Buenos Aires with visits to museums, dance lessons and other cultural activities, followed by four days spent exploring the geographic region of Iguaz Falls. Closer to home, you can practice your poetry writing and help host and promote an international poetry festival. Or you can spend your days examining 21st-century films through the lens of contemporary theories in the humanities and social sciences. May Term is also a great time to complete an internship for your major, if offered.

How much does it cost?

Current students may enroll in two May Term courses during their academic career at Bridgewater, which are included in their tuition fee. Students who choose to enroll in additional May Term courses may do so for an additional tuition fee, plus a residential fee, if applicable. Some May Term courses (such as the May Term travel courses) will require additional fees.

Where will I live?

All May Term students who reside on campus will live in summer housing for no additional fees for room and board, if they are enrolled in a “fee-included” May Term. There may be additional charges for May Term courses involving travel, off-campus housing and other expenses.

More questions? Visit the May Term FAQs