Funding Community Service

December 17, 2015


The R. Coleman and Anne Murray Reid Endowment Fund for Community Service

Performing community service is a laudable pursuit, but it often bears a price tag. While faculty and staff are often able to meet the financial demands of community service projects, students frequently are not. With this in mind, R. Coleman (Sam) and Anne Murray Reid, members of the class of 1960, established the R. Coleman and Anne Murray Reid Endowment Fund for Community Service.

The Reids were inspired by the community service component of the College’s Personal Development Portfolio (PDP) program and established the endowment in February 2006 to help strengthen that component of the program.

“We established the endowment because we were very interested in students being involved with and helping the community,” said Anne Reid. “We knew that if they had the opportunity to do these things outside the College, they would gain valuable experience helping others.”

The endowment, which is now fully funded, provides grants to individual students or student groups who need financial assistance to carry out a College-sanctioned community service project. Annual earnings from the endowment allow project funding in the range of $50 to $1,500, although larger awards are possible depending on the availability of funds.

Students requesting a grant must submit a two-page proposal to a selection committee. The proposal must describe the problem to be addressed, the project that will address the problem and a budget outlining the funds needed to finance the project. Grants are generally awarded for projects to be completed within one semester, but the selection committee can consider a project requiring an entire academic year for completion.

Students have utilized the funding made available by the Reids to complete community service projects including raising awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society, promoting environmental sustainability, conducting a local book drive, providing professional development awareness for disadvantaged youth and utilizing music to uplift people and to promote humanity by participating in free community concerts.