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Philomathes Society

The Philomathes Society was founded at Bridgewater College in the spring of 1961, although it was originally known as the Lambda Society. It includes both Bridgewater College Faculty and student members. To be a student member of Philomathes, you must have completed 30 credit hours, have a 3.4 GPA, and be in good standing with the college.

Over the years the student members of the Society have admirably reflected the qualities of scholarship and service engendered by both the Philomathes Society and by Bridgewater College. Many members have graduated from Bridgewater with Latin honors, and many have attended graduate and professional schools. Others have applied their academic training to make significant contributions to our society in their vocations and civic assignments as well as to Bridgewater College.

Philomathes, The Word

The Greek word Philomathes (φιλομαθής), comes from the Greek root philo- meaning “love of” and the Greek word mathesis (μάθησις) meaning “the act of learning.”

Thus, Philomathes means “love of learning.” This title also has the connection in meaning to the title of the journal of student scholarship, the Philomathean, published on our campus each Spring.

The Purpose of the Philomathes Society

The purpose of the Philomathes Society of Bridgewater College is three-fold: first, to honor scholarship; second, to encourage intellectual inquiry, research, and creativity in the liberal arts; and finally, to reward outstanding achievements among students, alumni, and faculty. These goals are pursued through a variety of methods. We sponsor outstanding alumni and other scholars in our campus community. We give special recognition and membership to alumni who have distinguished themselves, and during the Bridgewater College Awards Convocation each spring, we award particularly deserving student members with scholarships designed to honor their commitment to life-long learning and intellectual curiosity.


Every year the executive board honors particularly deserving students from the membership to receive $300 scholarships/awards. The recipients are announced each spring during the Bridgewater College Awards Convocation.



  • Bridgewater College faculty must have at least one year of service to the College
  • Bridgewater College students must have: completed 30 credit hours, a 3.4 cumulative GPA or higher, and be in good standing with the college
  • Bridgewater College staff who are alumni of Bridgewater College and were active members of the Society at the time of graduation


  • Students become official members when they pay their dues. For a new inductee, dues comprise a one-time membership fee of $80.

Benefits for Student Members when dues are paid in full…

  • Admittance to two banquets annually, one in the fall and one in the spring
  • Eligibility for one of two $300 scholarships awarded annually
  • Eligibility to apply for a Community Engagement Gift to be given to a community organization on behalf of the student
  • Opportunities to share your research or other scholarship with students and faculty
  • Opportunities to demonstrate College leadership in the academic arena
  • Opportunities to join other scholarly students and faculty in fun and educational social events

Executive Board

Dr. Jason E. Ybarra, President
Dr. Jenny M. Martin, Vice President
Prof. Lacey Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Arnold Yim, Historian
Dr. Melanie Laliker, Social Director
Student Representatives: Ms. Tori Callahan and Ms. Courtney Anderson