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Your Gift Provides Students with the Opportunity to Succeed

How Your Gifts Help

The support of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of the College helps uphold BC’s tradition of excellence in educating the whole person. Bridgewater students leave the College ready to be leaders in their communities.

Just like current BC students, your annual gift plays an important part in shaping our future. Support like yours is the catalyst for attracting outstanding students and retaining the most accomplished faculty.

$5,000 Might...


  • Fund a summer student research project and provide a stipend for the advising professor
  • Purchase a computer-based otoscope program and teaching tools
  • Sponsor a professional set designer for a theater production
  • Provide a regional musician for a lyceum





$2,500 Might...


  • Purchase specialized equipment for Health and Human Sciences, such as an EKG machine
  • Fund a summer student research project
  • Send a group of students to a national conference
  • Sponsor the annual Civil War Symposium
  • HOPE scholarship for Palestinian students





$1,000 Might...


  • Support specialized accreditation for athletic trainers
  • Aid in support of a student studying abroad
  • Provide renewable licenses for software
  • Purchase specialized archival texts for scholarly faculty research




$500 Might...


  • Provide funds for a student to present a paper at a conference
  • Support neuroscience research for an honors project
  • Purchase a musical instrument for concert band
  • Provide five new golf bags for the golf team




$250 Might...


  • Purchase glassware and chemicals for a chemistry lab
  • Provide student translation services at public agencies, such as Sentara RMH Medical Center
  • Purchase six yards of primed cotton canvas for the art department
  • License updated software for the language lab
  • Cover the cost of a new javelin for the track and field team




$100 Might...


  • Provide props for a theatre production
  • Fund digital recorders for students' ethnographic research
  • Procure a box of rulers for the mathematics department
  • Purchase a Chorale robe





$50 Might...


  • Purchase and feed rats for Psychology classes
  • Purchase a library book for replenishment of our collection
  • Purchase grooming supplies for the equestrian center
  • Procure a pottery tool set for a student
  • Provide funds for a woman’s cross country uniform




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