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Mission and Goals

“Bridgewater College educates the whole person”

Bridgewater College’s mission is to educate “the whole person.” What does that mean? It means we care about every aspect of you as a person – mind, body and spirit. At BC, we don’t just focus on academics. Everything we do is intended to further your wellbeing and growth as a person.

Learning becomes a life-long pursuit that goes beyond classrooms and books. Serving in your community and making ethical decisions means your growth doesn’t just benefit you. It also benefits everyone else and makes our communities better places to live. Being healthy and living with purpose prepares you to keep pursuing your dreams, no matter what happens. Our mission is all about you.

Mission Statement

Bridgewater College educates the whole person by providing a challenging and supportive learning community that fosters the growth of its students and empowers and motivates them to live educated, intelligent, healthy, purposeful and ethical lives in a global society. The College embraces the core values of integrity, equality, service and community, which have been inspired by its history with the Church of the Brethren. The College is a welcoming, diverse and vibrant community, committed to understanding and respecting individual differences and actively engaging all of its members.

BC 2020: The Strategic Plan for Bridgewater College (.pdf)

The College periodically engages in strategic planning, to ensure the success of the goals laid out in our mission. It’s our way of making sure we’re changing and growing to ensure academic and personal excellence for our students.

The primary goal of the BC 2020 strategic plan is student success. To achieve this, BC’s priorities include:

  • A classroom experience for all first year students that enhances their critical thinking and communication skills
  • An integrated model for advising, faculty mentoring and career counseling that promotes student development
  • A redesigned general education curriculum
  • Enhanced use of information technology inside and outside the classroom
  • Increased community-based learning opportunities, including service-learning and internships
  • A commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship
  • Student preparation for a global society through global context in the curriculum, study abroad experiences and multicultural programs
  • Ensuring students’ ability to complete their degree in four years
  • Facilitating enrollment of community college transfers
  • Continuing to recruit a socioeconomically, racially, ethnically and geographically diverse student body
  • A commitment to preparing students for success in their careers and in professional and graduate schools
  • Assessment of existing undergraduate programs and evaluation of the benefits of adding graduate programs

The priorities above will be achieved through a focus on access and affordability for students, while maintaining and improving the College’s financial position and facilities. BC will also work to strengthen relationships with alumni and the surrounding community. These efforts include:

  • Recruiting and promoting a socioeconomically, racially, ethnically and geographically diverse faculty and staff
  • Supporting Bridgewater’s faculty in their research and innovation and increasing resources for faculty development and compensation
  • Keeping the College’s net price as competitive as possible to reduce student debt
  • Continuing a relationship of mutual support and interaction with alumni
  • Developing relationships in the surrounding community, including the employers who provide internships, field experiences and jobs to the College’s students and graduates
  • Building undergraduate enrollment
  • Increasing financial support
  • Strengthening the College’s reputation and competitiveness
  • Maintaining the College’s facilities, including the renovation of Nininger Hall

Accomplishment in these areas of strategic focus will position the College to go into the next decade as a renowned liberal arts institution that challenges students to grow and succeed.