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Center for Engaged Learning

Sometimes learning is about more than textbooks, homework and final grades. It’s about becoming engaged in every facet of your life—in the classroom, through a research project, on your sports team or student club, in your community and in the world. We learn best by doing and engaging, and the Bridgewater Experience centers on investing yourself in becoming a well-rounded, enthusiastic, contributing member of society. Whether it’s teaching Spanish to elementary school students, assisting the College with its composting program, travelling to Botswana or even playing Madden ‘15 with your roommate, you engage in and learn from all of it. You take what you learn in class and apply it to life outside of class, and vice versa. You discover your passions.

That’s where the Center for Engaged Learning (CEL) can help. The CEL combines academics with extracurricular programming to enhance your college experience and help you become responsible to and active in communities ranging from the local to the global. It’s the center of gravity that holds together everything you’ll do at BC—in the classroom and beyond. Through the CEL, you’ll devote time and energy in the project of becoming your true self.

Discover the Center for Engaged Learning

Zane D. Showker Institute for Responsible Leadership

Become an innovative and ethical leader.

Kline-Bowman Institute for Creative Peacebuilding

Promote the building of peace and the transformation of conflict in our local community and the world.

Wade Institute for Teaching and Learning

Become an active participant in your education, as you partner with faculty and community leaders on innovative curricular offerings.

Office of Career Services

Preparing students for successful entry into meaningful employment or continuing education.

Office for Sustainability

Supporting sustainable practices and programs in areas such as education, research and campus operations.

Office of Study Abroad

Engage in the global community by studying in another country for a semester or during May Term.

Flory Honors Program

Delve even deeper into your studies as part of this elite program that sets challenges for you and equips you to meet those challenges.

Endowed Lectures, Lyceums and Convocations

Learn from some of society’s most interesting and accomplished presenters at our frequent on-campus events.

Questions? Contact Us!

Dr. Jamie Frueh, Director of the Center for Engaged Learning

Anne Marsh, Coordinator of the Center for Engaged Learning