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Message from the President

david-bushman-with-studentsGreetings from Bridgewater College! To our prospective students, parents, alumni and friends, I’m grateful we’re on your mind. Our website offers a window on the life of the College through which you can explore the latest news and events at Bridgewater. As with any window, though, the view is not complete – I hope you’ll visit campus and experience all that Bridgewater College has to offer.

I’m often asked to speak about the mission of the College and our commitment to excellence in the education of our students. I relish these opportunities because I get to see firsthand the transformative power of the Bridgewater experience, and it is something very much worth sharing. We are deeply committed to an education of mind, body and spirit. We believe that education is far more than just training for a job well done; it is formation for a life well lived. And while the value of the Bridgewater experience resists being summarized in just a few words or a tag line, if you look closely at the College seal, you’ll see four words inscribed in Latin: bonitasveritaspulchritudo and concordia – that remind us of the significance of what we do here. These words – goodness, truth, beauty and harmony – define our view of what a liberal arts education ought to be and what our College ought to be about. These words guide everything we do at Bridgewater, inside and outside the classroom. They ensure that everything here works together to create a place that prepares students for a great job, AND prepares them to make a difference, in their communities and in the world.

I am privileged to lead this community of excellence, where all are challenged and embraced. Welcome to Bridgewater College, where you can grow and stretch and achieve, becoming more than you ever thought possible.

With warm regards,

David W. Bushman, Ph.D.