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Financial Aid

Worried about paying for college? Let us help ease your fears.

Did you know:

  • 99% of BC students receive some form of financial aid
  • 99% received more than $20,000 in aid for 2019-20
  • BC awarded more than $43 million in academic scholarships and institutional grants in 2019-20

Your cost to attend BC may be comparable to a public college or university.

Check out how we awarded the $43 million in academic and need-based aid in 2019-20:

2019-20 First Year Scholarship and Grant Aid Packages

2019-20 First Year Scholarship and Grant Aid Packages: 52% receive more than $30,000, 41% receive $25,001 to $30,000 in aid, 6% receive $20,000 to $25,000 in aid and 1% receive less than $20,000 in aid and scholarships

  • 52%: more than $30,000 in first year scholarship and grant aid packages
  • 41%: $25,001 – $30,000 in first year scholarship and grant aid packages
  • 6%: $20,000 – $25,000 in first year scholarship and grant aid packages
  • 1%: less than $20,000 in first year scholarship and grant aid packages

At BC, we work with you and your family to make college affordable. We put your mind at ease about tuition and costs. That way, you can focus on taking the next step.

Let us help you discover your cost to attend Bridgewater College by applying to Bridgewater and completing the FAFSA. We’ll do the rest!

Net Price Calculator

Check out our easy-to-use net price calculator and estimate your cost today.

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First Year Academic Scholarships

Academic Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are our most commonly awarded scholarships. Bridgewater determines eligibility for these awards based on high school GPA and test scores*, and all students who apply for admission to BC are automatically considered. Scholarships range from $20,000 to $30,000 per year and require no special application.


Academic Merit Scholarships Amount Awardable
McKinney ACE Scholarship $26,000 to $30,000
BC Eagle Award $20,000 to $22,000

*BC uses the cumulative high school GPA to determine eligibility, as well as the highest scores on the ACT or SAT.

Visit our Net-Price Calculator to determine your potential awards.

Distinctive Academic Scholarships

Student’s that exemplify high academic achievement are chosen by Bridgewater College to qualify for the following distinctive awards.  BC will inform students of their eligibility after they are admitted to the College.

President’s Merit Award – Full Tuition Scholarship
First year students with a truly outstanding academic record will be invited to compete for Bridgewater’s highest scholarship award, which is open only to members of the Flory Honors Program. This award equals the full cost of tuition, renewable for a total of eight semesters, provided student’s remain in the honors program. The application process for this scholarship highly competitive and is sent to eligible students after they are

Flory Honors Scholarship – $3,000
First year students with a high school GPA of 3.8 or higher, an SAT of 1270 or higher or ACT 27 or higher, and a strong record of academic achievement, will be invited to join the Flory Honors Program. Students that confirm their enrollment in the Program will receive an annual scholarship of $3,000 in addition to their Academic Merit Scholarship.

Out-of-State Incentive Scholarship

This $3,500 scholarship is available to students who do not reside in the state of Virginia and who are not eligible for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant.

Church of the Brethren Scholarship

Scholarships of $2,500 for residents and $1,500 for commuters are available to students who are members of the Church of the Brethren.

To be considered for these scholarships, apply to BC early and submit your high school transcript and test scores as soon as possible.

Transfer Student Aid

BC offers exceptional academic scholarships for transfer students:

Transfer Student Merit Awards (2020-21)

Transfer student merit award eligibility is based on credits earned, cumulative GPA for all college work, and other factors from the applicant’s record. Transfer students who maintain an acceptable cumulative grade point average will retain their scholarships each academic year.

Merit Aid Amount Cumulative College GPA
$25,000 3.6 Minimum
$23,000 3.2 – 3.59
$22,000 3.0 – 3.19
$21,000 2.8 – 2.99
$19,000 2.5 – 2.79
$17,000 Under 2.5

Out-of-State Incentive Scholarship

The Out-of-State Incentive Scholarship is available to students who do not reside in the state of Virginia and who are not eligible for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant. The scholarship amount is $3,500 per academic year.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

$3,000 scholarship for those students who transfer with a membership in Phi Theta Kappa from a community college.

Flory Honors Scholarship

The Flory Honors Scholarship is available to transfer students with at least 24 post-secondary credits who have cumulative GPAs of at least 3.8. The scholarship amount is $1,000 per academic year and is awarded once the student confirms intent to enroll in the honors program. A student cannot receive both the Flory Honors Scholarship and the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship.

Church of the Brethren Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students who are members of the Church of the Brethren.  Award amounts are $2,500 for residents and $1,500 for commuters.

Virginia Two-Year College Transfer Grant

A $1,000 grant is available to transfers who earned an associate degree from a Virginia two-year public institution with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and who have an expected family contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA of 12,000 or less. A complete description of eligibility and application requirements is available from this Application for Participation in the Two-Year College Transfer Grant Program (pdf download) from State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).

To be considered for these scholarships:

  • Apply to BC
  • Provide a copy of all college transcripts

My Financial Aid Package

To apply for additional assistance submit the FAFSA at by March 1. The financial aid office begins releasing aid packages to prospective students after December 15 on a rolling basis. Returning students receive their aid packages after June 15.

If eligible, institutional aid is posted to your account in the fall and spring semesters. The same process applies to state aid. Federal aid may be available for summer sessions if your annual eligibility is not fully used during the regular academic year.