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BC Makes Transferring Easy.

Transfer Student Admission

When you transfer to Bridgewater College, you join a community that will connect you to great mentors, big ideas and classmates from throughout the world. As you consider your transfer decision, know that you will be welcomed into our community from day one. You will graduate from BC prepared to begin your career in a field that matters to you, and you’ll be equipped to make an even greater impact on the world.

BC has a flexible rolling admissions process, and you can apply for either fall or spring semesters. Once your online application is complete, you will hear sooner rather than later if you have been admitted.

Most credits taken at a regionally accredited college will receive craft with a grade of C or above.


How do I apply?

The application is available at the beginning of August.  Apply as early as you can to enroll in the upcoming fall or spring semesters.

Submit the following documents:

  • Free Application
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Official Transcripts from each college attended.
  • SAT and/or ACT scores*

* Not required with at least 26 academic credits, including English and Math

What happens when my application is complete?

Once you have submitted all of the required documents, contact the transfer counselor  to verify the status of your application.  Your application will then be reviewed, and an admission decision will be mailed to you.  

How do I know that my college credits will transfer?

Generally, courses that are comparable to those taught at Bridgewater, with a grade of C or higher, will transfer. If you are attending a regionally accredited two year college, you may transfer up to 68 credits. 

Applicants may receive a preliminary credit evaluation upon request by contacting the transfer counselor  and submitting all college transcripts.

What are the right courses to take if I plan to attend a community college and then transfer to BC?

If transferring from a Virginia Community College, you can use the Foundations in Liberal Arts Program Requirement equivalency brochure General Education at Bridgewater College

Contact our transfer counselor, Emily Helms .  She will help you select courses and get you ready to transfer to Bridgewater. A campus visit to get your questions answered is the best way to prepare for transfer. 

What opportunities do I have to visit campus?

Bridgewater offers many opportunities to visit campus throughout the year. We offer personalized visits, transfer visit days, open houses, and special events for you to learn more about BC.

Check out our visit page for specific dates and times. Whenever you choose to visit campus, it is helpful if you bring a copy of your college transcript(s) so the transfer counselor can give you the best advice on courses to take if you are considering transferring to BC. 

Do you have any Articulation Agreements?

Students who graduate with a transfer-oriented associate degree (A.A, A.S. or A.A.&S.) from a regionally accredited community college will have their general education requirements waived with the exception of two courses.

In addition, in order to make Bridgewater College more accessible, we have worked with various institutions on the following Articulation Agreements .

Does Bridgewater offer financial aid for transfers?

Admitted students are automatically reviewed for transfer scholarships and grants

Do you have on-campus housing for transfer students?

Yes, transfer students are encouraged to live on campus to experience all that BC has to offer, both academically and socially.

A student who chooses to live off-campus  may do so by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • has earned a minimum of 12 post-high school college credits;
  • lives in Augusta, Highland, Page, Rockingham, or Shenandoah with your legal guardians;
  • is at least 23 years old;
  • is a current or former member of the armed forces;
  • is married or are a custodial parent;
  • has a physical or mental health disability.


Questions? Contact us!

Office of Admissions


Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Friday, 8 a.m. – noon