Picture of the Fall/Winter 2023 Bridgewater Magazine featuring a student and professor working with engineering equipment on the cover.
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Alex Hisel '24 and Gianni Maltese '24 smiling for a photo
March 19, 2024

Entering the gaming world with esports at BC 

Esports, which is organized, competitive video gaming that takes inspiration and mechanics from athletics and incorporates that into a digital playing field, is the largest-viewed competitive sports medium in the…

Woman stands holding a camera looking off in the distance with colorful fall trees in the background
January 5, 2024

Middle school teacher Andrea Nissley ’95, M’25 is a student again

The school year looked a little different this fall for Andrea Beery Nissley ’95, M’25, a middle school science teacher at Cornerstone Christian School for 23 years. There was the…

Joseph Wampler in a marching band uniform pictured with 6 family members all connected to Bridgewater College.
December 7, 2023

Joseph Wampler ’23 seizes opportunities at BC and paves path to veterinary school 

With a family history of Bridgewater alumni dating back to his great-great-great grandparents, Joseph Wampler ’23 says he was essentially committed to attending BC since the age of 5.   Wampler,…

Sarah Henneberger sitting down with laptop and white head phones in front a yellow wall
November 7, 2023

Sarah Henneberger ’24 is having a blast making music for video games 

As you move through the abandoned mineshaft in desperate search of an exit, there’s a sense of ever-present danger as you leap from rocky ledges to balance precariously on pieces…

Engineering professor speaking to two students
November 7, 2023

Bridgewater College’s new engineering major provides clear path to careers for students

Bridgewater College is known for providing an atmosphere that fosters growth and self-discovery among its students, particularly in helping them forge clear career paths through a combination of academic and…

Private College Experience. Public College Price. Bridgewater College.
November 3, 2023

Real Talk About Tuition 

Bridgewater College and its president stake out a prominent position in the national conversation about the cost–and the value–of higher education. In August, Bridgewater College announced that starting in fall…