The Spring/Summer 2023 issue highlights the BC community pursuing passions that lead to bolder lives.
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April 23, 2023

Jessy Wilson ’19 Works to Protect Raptors and Help Them Thrive

At just shy of 10 feet, the California condor has the largest wingspan of any land bird in North America. That’s almost twice the length of Jessy Wilson ’19, who…

April 23, 2023

Robert Newlen ’75 Uses Art as Inspiration for Life

Robert Newlen ’75 has several passions that come to mind, including the Library of Congress where he worked for 43 years and his beloved alma mater, Bridgewater College. But his…

April 23, 2023

Dr. Christian Sheridan Makes the Connection Between Cycling and Teaching

Dr. Christian Sheridan, Associate Professor of English and Department Chair at Bridgewater, teaches classical, medieval and early modern literature, as well as poetry, medievalism and popular culture. When he’s not…

April 23, 2023

Carl Fike ’78 is on a Mission to Help Children in Need

At the age of 10, Carl Fike’s eyes were opened to the needs of others and ways to help, when he attended a dentist’s presentation on a mission trip to…

April 23, 2023

Librarian Taylor Baugher is Passionate About Free and Open Access to Information

Taylor Baugher, Learning Services Librarian at Bridgewater since 2020, is passionate about free and open access to information. Whether it’s open access to research and course materials for faculty and…

April 23, 2023

Gopica Rasiah ’03 Competes Against Other Home Chefs in Singaporean Cooking Show

No one really knows where life will take them or what skills they will need along the way. And in the case of one Bridgewater alumna, what began as a…