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Student Employment Guide

Your search for student employment starts at the human resources office. The human resources office coordinates all student employment, including employment that qualifies for the Federal Work Study Program.

Located at 313 Dinkel House, the human resources office assists you in obtaining a job that will be a meaningful experience for both you and your employer.

A quick overview of the steps to becoming employed on campus are listed below. For more detailed explanations make sure to download a copy of our Student Employment Guide.

Steps to Becoming Employed on Campus

Students will need to do the following to be placed in a job and before they can begin working on campus.

To be employed on campus you must complete the following forms:

Students cannot work and will not be paid for hours worked prior to the completion of all of the above listed paperwork.

Once Employed:

  • Students are paid through direct deposit; therefore students must provide a voided check or a letter from their financial institution that contains the routing number and account number. No paper checks will be issued. If employed last year, we will use the direct deposit information on file unless you provide us with a new form.
  • Students must comply with the student worker dress code policy.
  • Students will have access to an online timecard through Web Advisor. All hours worked by the student needs to be recorded on this timecard and approved by his/her supervisor. It is the student’s responsibility to enter his/her time into the timecard and not depend on the supervisor to do so. If a student fails to enter his/her time by the cutoff date/time, he/she will not be paid until the next payroll period. Timesheet instructions.
  • Student timecards are due every other Monday by 9:00am for time worked the previous two weeks. Wages are paid to students every other Friday. Paycheck dates can be found under our student pay schedule page.
Federal work-study students will receive priority in job placements. The remaining jobs will be available for non-federal work-study students to apply.


If you have questions regarding student employment please contact:

Jason Saunders
Human Resources Generalist