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Mark Griffin

Mark Griffin

Mark Griffin
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Office: 540-828-5361
Text: 540-613-5968
Hometown: Hot Springs, VA
Degree: B.A. in Sociology (Bridgewater College), M.S. in Kinesiology & Administration (James Madison University)

What brought you to Bridgewater College?

I was attracted to the College as a student because it was small, very personable and had a beautiful campus. The campus has a very caring and supportive environment and is committed to helping each student become the best that they can be. As a staff member I enjoy working in an environment where everyone is working for a common goal. I feel that we have one of the nicest campuses of a school our size and combining that with our dedicated faculty and staff it makes for an exciting place to be and to see students grow to their fullest potential.

What advice do you have about the college search process?

When you are searching for a college make sure that you examine lots of information and options, such as location, size, majors, scholarships, etc. Make sure that you visit the campus when students are there to get the full feeling of campus life. Be sure to talk to some students and professors, sit in on a class, have a meal in the dining hall, etc. You may have to visit the campus more than once to get a feel if it is right for you. The more information you have will allow you to make the right decision. You want to choose the college where you feel comfortable and happy and that makes for a great opportunity to be successful.

What is one of the most rewarding parts of your job?

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is getting the chance to meet new students and their families each day. I also get to travel to some neat parts of the country and have a chance to see the students in their high schools and home communities. It is an exciting time in the lives of students as they are choosing a college and I get excited to be a part of that process each and every day.