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Connect Learning to Life

From the day you move into your residence hall, you’ll feel at home. From hanging out with your roommate, studying with a group of friends, to sharing opinions in late-night debates. There are so many opportunities to grow socially, intellectually, and spiritually!

Most of our students live on campus (with limited exceptions). You’ll find support from our professional staff and student resident advisors (RAs) who oversee the residential areas. You will feel safe and comfortable in our inviting and close-knit community.

Choose the living arrangement that’s best for you. We offer coed, single-gender, gender inclusive, or honors housing. We have residence halls, suites, and apartments. Each has a distinct character and atmosphere. You may want to try a different option each year.

You can find your place here.

Residence Halls

Your residence hall or apartment is more than just a place to sleep and study. You’ll have fun with friends, encounter new perspectives, and discover yourself.

Here’s what you’ll find in your room:

  • Extra-long, twin-sized beds (mattress size 36″x80″). Beds can be bunked in some halls.
  • Desks and chairs
  • Closet or wardrobe
  • Chest of drawers
  • Dresser with mirror
  • Venetian blinds
  • Overhead light
  • Wireless internet access
  • Smoke detector
  • Storage space (limited)
  • Recycle bin

To install a purchased or home-built loft in the room, please read the loft guidelines below.

Loft Guidelines

To insure that lofts are safe and in compliance with safety and fire codes, the following regulations must be followed:

  • Your loft should be constructed from non-pressure treated wood (pressure treated or chemically treated wood is designed for outdoor use only and can create serious health hazards in an enclosed environment).
  • Loft must be free standing and self-supported, which means they may not be attached to wall, floor or ceiling or supported by any College furniture.
  • The sleeping surface (top of the mattress) can be no higher than 6 feet in height.
  • Lofts should be no more than 40 inches wide and 84 inches long (please note that the College provided mattress is 36″x80″).
  • Lofts may not obstruct the functioning of windows or interfere with access to any part of the room for routine maintenance.
  • Lofts may not be used in conjunction with the College provided bed ends. Students are responsible for storage of the College bed ends in their room.
  • Lofts should have means of safe access (i.e. ladder).
  • Electrical wiring, fixtures or appliances may not be attached or incorporated into the sleeping surface.
  • Occupants of rooms where a loft is located agree to hold the College harmless and acknowledge that the College is not responsible for any accident, injury or damage to the occupants of the room, guest or personal property as a result of construction, design, installation or presence of the loft.

It is strongly suggested that before building/designing your loft, that you see your room. For this reason, it is better to try out the College provided furniture first and then decide if you want a loft. If you build your loft ahead of time, please be prepared to make adjustments to the loft upon your arrival to campus.

Each residence hall or apartment has:

  • Laundry rooms with coin-free washers and dryers
  • Vending machines (except for Stone Village)
  • Television/recreation lounges (except for Stone Village)
  • Study lounges (except for Stone Village)
  • Heating and air conditioning or ceiling fans
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Single, double, triple and/or quad rooms (Single rooms are reserved for upperclassmen and those with special housing needs.)

All residential buildings are air conditioned. In Strickler Apartments and the Cottages, window air conditioning units are provided only in common areas. Students with a diagnosed medical condition requiring the use of an air conditioner may have a window unit installed in their bedroom in these buildings. An air conditioner request form, which includes information from the student’s doctor, is required prior to a student’s arrival on campus.


Explore Our On-Campus Living Options

Blue Ridge Hall

Blue Ridge Hall

  • Built in 1949; renovated in 1988
  • Average room size: 16’x13′
  • Co-ed, houses 154 students 
  • Suite-style and community-style bathrooms
  • 2 study lounges
  • 1 TV lounge
  • 1 kitchen
  • Air-conditioned
  • Some single rooms available

The Cottages

The Cottages consists of 10 houses, holding a total of 84 students. The Cottages are reserved for upperclassmen.

Honors Housing

The Cottages are located on College Street, adjacent to the campus, and offer study space, TV lounges, living rooms and kitchens. They are equipped with the same furnishings and amenities as the residence halls. Air conditioning is provided via window units in all common spaces in the house. Each Cottage can select if they will be single-gendered or gender inclusive. Students must voluntarily select into a gender inclusive space, they will not be assigned there without consent.

Crimson Inn

  • Opened in 2014
  • Co-ed
  • Houses 44 students
  • Hotel-style (private kitchenette and bathroom in each room)
  • Air-conditioned
  • Some single rooms available

Daleville Hall

Daleville Hall

  • Built in 1963
  • Average room size: 16’x12′
  • Co-ed, houses 106 First year students
  • Suite-style bathrooms
  • 1 study lounge
  • 1 TV lounge
  • 1 kitchen per floor
  • Air-conditioned

Dillon Hall

Dillion Hall

  • Built in 1966
  • Average room size: 17’x10′
  • Co-ed, houses 178 First Year students
  • Community-style bathrooms
  • 1 study lounge
  • 1 TV lounge
  • 1 kitchen
  • Air-conditioned

Geisert Hall

Geisert Hall

  • Built in 1990
  • Average room size: 11’x15′
  • Coed, houses 173 First Year students
  • Community-style and private hall bathrooms
  • 1 study lounge in each section
  • 2 TV lounges
  • 1 kitchen in each section
  • Air-conditioned
  • Handicapped-accessible on the first floor

Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall

  • Built in 1964; Renovated in 2016
  • Average room size: 17’x10′
  • Co-ed, houses 191 students (First Year and Upperclass students)
  • 1 study lounge on each floor
  • 1 TV lounge
  • 1 kitchen
  • Air-conditioned
  • Handicapped-accessible (all floors)

Wakeman Hall

Wakeman Hall


  • Built in 1980
  • Average room size: 15’x11′
  • Co-ed, houses 101 First Year students
  • Private hall bathrooms
  • 1 study lounge per wing
  • 1 TV lounge
  • 1 kitchen per wing
  • Air-conditioned
  • Handicapped-accessible on the First Floor

Wampler Towers

Wampler Tower Image

  • Built in 2004
  • Co-ed, houses 188 students
  • 1 common room per tower
  • 1 kitchen per apartment
  • Air-conditioned
  • For upperclass students


Wright Hall

Wright Hall

  • Built in 1959; Renovated in 2010
  • Average room size: 17’x10′
  • Co-ed, houses 207 students
  • Community-style bathrooms
  • 1 study lounge on each floor
  • 1 kitchen on each floor
  • Air-conditioned

Wright/Heritage Link

Wright/Heritage Link

  • Built in 2010
  • Co-ed, houses 13 male students on the second floor
  • Community-style bathrooms
  • Crimson Lounge
  • 1 kitchen per area
  • Lounge areas
  • Game room
  • Workout room
  • Seminar rooms


Stone Village

Stone Village

  • Built in 2011
  • Co-ed, houses 119 students
  • 3 person (1 double room, 1 single room) and 6 person (2 triple rooms) apartments available
  • Five houses built in 2011 and the remodeled Strickler Apartments
  • For upperclass students
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified building project


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