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Why Bridgewater?


Why Bridgewater?

Why choose Bridgewater College?

“Your first step on a journey of life-long education”

To rise to the challenge. To stretch yourself. To grow beyond what you thought possible. You’ll choose a major and develop specialized knowledge. But Bridgewater offers you so much more.

As a liberal arts college, BC gives you:

  • The chance to better understand the world around you
  • Exposure to many different areas of study and points of view
  • The skills to explore and discover whatever interests you

By “liberal arts,” we mean liberating arts – those skills that free you to do whatever you might want to do. Writing, research and analysis. The ability to think critically, to communicate effectively and to argue persuasively. Practice reflecting on ethical questions, evaluating ideas and seeing many sides of issues. Once you master these skills, you’ll go beyond the knowledge accumulated in your field to become someone with the abilities to succeed not only in the workplace but also in life.

As a result, you’ll have:

  • Choices you didn’t have before
  • Insights into areas of study you didn’t even know existed
  • Greater flexibility in the job market of the future
  • The ability to communicate and thrive in a technology-driven, global society
  • A richer, more fulfilling life

At Bridgewater College, you’ll find we’re about more than just four years of education. Think of it as taking your first step on a journey of life-long education and growth.