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Why Bridgewater?

Connections for Life

Why Bridgewater?

Build connections for life.

At Bridgewater, we believe that the greatest possibilities in life are realized in what we build together. So we’ve designed your experience here as an ever-growing network of connections to big ideas, great mentors, inspiring classmates and professional experiences. In and out of the classroom, we’re continually creating new ways to learn from and with one another.

And because we’re all working together—from our student-artists to our student-athletes—you’ll learn and grow in ways you never thought possible. And you’ll graduate prepared to lead and build community wherever you go in life.

Hit the ground running.

You don’t have to wait on the sidelines for juniors and seniors to have their turn first. From your first year—actually, from your first few weeks on campus—you’re a full-on participant in the life of the College. Whether your passions lead you to research with a faculty member or to Iceland and Denmark for a May Term course, your opportunities start your first day on campus, and your journey with us will never hit a dead end.

Find your sense of purpose.

We want you to graduate from Bridgewater with a clear sense of purpose—one that comes from feeling courageous, adventurous and needed in the world. You’ll leave here prepared to begin your professional life in a field that matters to you. You’ll be ready to take what you learned about connecting people and ideas to bring out the best in others. And you will know you can make an even greater impact on the world.