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Economics Minor

Division of Professional Studies

Minor in economics at Bridgewater College.

Consists of 24 credit hours (8 three-credit courses):

Basic descriptive statistics probability hypothesis testing correlation and regression. Statistical computer software is used to analyze data. Prerequisites MATH 118 MATH 110 MATH 115 or satisfactory performance on placement test

Unit(s): 3

Introduces scarcity opportunity cost and supply and demand analysis with special emphasis on aggregate economic growth unemployment inflation and fiscal and monetary policies. Prerequisite PDP 150 or PDP 350 General Education 2014 Social Sciences

Unit(s): 3

Analysis of individual choice and market behavior with special emphasis on price and output relationships and the economics of the firm. Prerequisite PDP 150 or PDP 350 General Education 2014 Social Sciences

Unit(s): 3

Analyzes economic growth business cycles and the impact of economic institutions and policies on aggregate economic performance and living standards. Prerequisites ECON 200

Unit(s): 3

Theoretical and applied development of consumer choice firm behavior price and income determination market behavior and government policy. Prerequisite ECON 210

Unit(s): 3

Plus 9 additional credits in ECON courses numbered 300 or above

Credits for ECON 480, ECON 490, ECON 491 and ECON 499 may not be applied to the requirements for either the major or minor in economics.

Students majoring in business administration and minoring in economics may count up to ONE course (beyond any courses required for both programs) towards both programs.

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