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Jump-start Your Professional Career

Department of Economics & Business Administration

Division of Professional Studies

Start your professional career here, at Bridgewater College.

When you major in business administration, you can choose from one of five different emphases to add depth and expertise in the area of your choice. Whether you’re interested in accounting, finance, international commerce, marketing or organizational management, BC will prepare you for today’s business world.

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Or major in economics. You’ll gain insight into government policy, banking, past and current theories of economics, and more. Add an emphasis in financial economics to go deeper into finance.

Whether you choose economics or business administration, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to become a successful and ethical leader. You’ll apply what you study in case analyses, team projects and presentations, and experiential learning opportunities such as internships.

Students who major in business might also be interested in Bridgewater’s 5-year Master of Arts in Digital Media Strategy.

Business Administration Major

Choose an area of emphasis: accounting, finance, international commerce, marketing or organizational management.

Economics Major

Choose from tracks in business, government policy and graduate school preparation. Add additional depth in finance through the emphasis in financial economics.

Business Administration Minor

As a business administration minor, you will learn in-depth principles of business and accounting while also completing coursework in economics.

Economics Minor

Economics minors study principles and theories of macro and micro economics, building a foundation for themselves in the field.

Equine Studies Minor

The equine studies minor can be a perfect complement for business and biology majors, including pre-veterinary students. You’ll benefit from a variety of hands-on courses at the Bridgewater College Equestrian Center.

Administration Management Concentration

If you are majoring in another field instead of business administration, the administration management concentration provides you with skills in accounting and management that are essential to a broad variety of careers and graduate programs.

Economics & Business Administration Faculty

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Holly A. Caldwell, Department Chair