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Research at BC

Question. Explore. Innovate.

is the critical tip of the scholarship pyramid – building on the foundation of knowledge and complex concepts explored in the classroom. Research provides an opportunity to apply the tools and techniques previously studied and developed to particular fields of interest, and to contribute to the overall body of knowledge on a subject. Often it is the process of scholarly inquiry itself – rather than necessarily the results – that is of such intellectual benefit to the researcher.

Bridgewater's Students
are challenged by our educational objectives to "seek in-depth knowledge in a particular field." This goal is furthered by undergraduate research opportunities, which provide students a critical opportunity for independent examination of an area of academic interest.Whether preparing for graduate school or for the workforce, students should not miss the chance to develop a closer relationship with professional scholars while exploring a hands-on approach to an area of interest.

Professional Scholarship
is also critical for the expansion of intellectual creativity and the body of knowledge explored by Bridgewater's faculty. Intellectual engagement, through inquiry, analysis and communication, keeps classroom lectures exciting and current and fuels faculty interest in their field.

Bridgewater's Research Resource Group
is dedicated to fostering and developing scholarship by Bridgewater faculty and students. The group works to facilitate research presentation opportunities, improve access to research resources for Bridgewater faculty and their students, and promote scholarship and research at Bridgewater College.