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Data Science and Analytics Major

Solve problems and analyze data

Interested in data analysis and technology? Want to position yourself for an emerging job market with high demand? Check out Bridgewater College’s major in data science and analytics.

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What to Expect

  • Develop your knowledge in analytical skills and develop problem solving techniques that combine concepts in mathematics, computer science, information and data science and technology.
  • Work closely and build relationships with professors who are experts in the field.
  • Apply your skills in internships or independent study opportunities.


The curriculum is designed to meet today’s workforce needs and give BC students the tools they need to be successful.

Database Systems

Topics covered include ERM (ERD) and EERM (EERD), relational and object-oriented database design, SQL and QBE. This course focuses on practical skill in database design and implementation.

Advanced Data Analytics

Topics cover multivariate modeling, time series analytics, risk analysis, etc. The course emphasizes applying R in data analytics modeling for marketing, consumer management, risk management, and operation efficiency. 

Intelligent Search Methods

The students will explore AI applications of intelligence search methods, and gain hands-on experience in developing a preliminary intelligence search engine. 

Specific requirements for this major can be found in the College Catalog.

Required Courses Meet the Faculty


Majoring in data science and analytics could double your job opportunities upon graduation! The demand for data scientists, researchers and analysts is growing dramatically, and many current positions in IT, marketing and HR require a knowledge of analytics.

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  • Data Scientist, Analytics Manager, Data Analyst, Data Mining Analyst, System Analyst, Director of Analytics;
  • Data Engineer, Data Administrator, Data System Developer, Database Administrator, Intelligent System Developer;
  • Strategic Analyst, Business Analyst, Operation Researcher, Functional Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Financial Analyst, Compensation Benefits Analyst, Budget Analyst, Risk Consultant, Insurance Analyst;
  • Poll Analyst, Policy Analyst, Behavior Analyst, Health Analyst, Public Health Analyst, Medical Data Analyst, Informatics Analyst.

Related Minors
Because of the broad appeal of the program, two minors have been developed that emphasize the dual aspects of the major.