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Chemistry at BC chemistry formulas

Explore the Makeup of Our Natural World

Chemistry Major

Division of Natural Sciences

Earn your degree in chemistry at Bridgewater College. Build on an understanding of general principles to specialize in the different areas of chemistry. Perform research and present your findings. You have a world of opportunities waiting for you.

Specific requirements for this major can be found in the College Catalog.

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Activities and Clubs

Conduct independent research projects like these under the supervision of faculty:

  • “Hydroformylation of Alkenes with Iron Catalysts”
  • “A Study of the Leaching of Bisphenol A”
  • “A Study of Suspect Drug Components in Bacterial Growth”
  • “Graywater Recycling Using a Biological Treatment System”
  • “Caution! The Danger of Heating Before Eating”

And as a senior, present your research at the undergraduate research symposium sponsored by the Virginia Section of the American Chemical Society.

Network with your fellow students and faculty as part of the Chemistry Club.

Careers and Graduate Schools

What can you do with your chemistry degree?

Like our recent graduates, you might enter graduate schools such as:

  • Boston University
  • George Mason University
  • Georgetown University
  • University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • Shenandoah University
  • University of Tennessee
  • University of Virginia
  • West Virginia University

Or pursue a career in:

  • Environmental protection
  • Field analysis
  • Government
  • Higher education
  • Industry
  • Law
  • Secondary education
  • Technical writing and editing
  • Water and wastewater studies

Learn more about career paths, employment and advancement in the field of chemistry from the American Chemical Society.

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