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Music Admissions & Scholarships

Division of Communication Studies, Fine Arts and Literature

Apply for admission to Bridgewater College through the office of admissions.


Music scholarships are open to all full-time Bridgewater College students, regardless of their academic major. Scholarship selection is based on technical and musical proficiency in your medium, the needs of the department and the potential for continued success.

Music scholarship recipients are required to enroll in at least one of the following musical ensembles on their main instrument (concert choir, chorale, symphonic band, jazz ensemble or chamber strings). Year-to-year retention of scholarships is dependent on the student’s academic record and evaluation by the music faculty.

Applicants must be admitted to Bridgewater College prior to scheduling a live audition.


Auditions will take place on Bridgewater College’s campus, in the Carter Center for Worship and Music from noon-4 p.m. View map and directions to campus.

  • 12:00-1:00 Check in and warm up in practice rooms
  • 1:00-1:30 Informational meeting with music faculty and students
  • 1:30-4:00 Auditions

In addition to the performing requirements listed below, there will be a basic music literacy written assessment.

Students that are interested in majoring or minoring in music may choose to also take a piano proficiency placement exam. We recommend doing this if you have piano background and would like to try to test out of some levels of the keyboard

If you are proficient on multiple instruments, or in voice and an instrument, you are welcome to prepare an audition for each. Please indicate this on your registration.

Music Scholarship Audition February 15, 2020

Music Scholarship Audition February 29, 2020

Scholarship Audition Requirements

Piano/Organ Scholarships:
You will be asked to play two contrasting solos or etudes representing two historical eras (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th century, etc.) not to exceed a total of 10 minutes. You will also perform two major scales over two octaves, hands together.

Questions? Contact Dr. Larry Taylor

Woodwind/Brass/Guitar/Strings Scholarships: 
You will be asked to play two contrasting solos or etudes, one lyrical and one technical, not to exceed a total of 10 minutes. Please bring one copy of each piece for the audition panel. You will also be asked to play two major scales that demonstrate the range of your instrument and a brief sight-reading excerpt.

Questions? Contact Dr. Christine Carrillo

Percussion Scholarships:
You will be asked to prepare a solo or etude on both snare drum and mallet instrument. Both instruments will be provided for you. Bring your own mallets if you own them. Please bring one copy of each piece for the audition panel. You will also be asked to play two major scales and a brief sight-reading excerpt on mallets.

Questions? Contact Dr. Christine Carrillo

Vocal/Choral Scholarships:
You will be asked to perform one memorized song (arias, lieder, chansons, other classical genres, folk songs, hymns and musical theater pieces are all acceptable options). A pianist will be provided, and we ask that you bring a legible copy of the audition piece for the pianist. Vocal auditions will also consist of vocal exercises and a brief diatonic sight-reading excerpt.

Questions? Contact Prof. Curtis Nolley

In addition to the activities listed above, all students auditioning for music scholarships will be asked to complete a musical skills pre-test in which you will identify notes on a staff by letter name in both treble and bass clef, time signatures, rhythmic values and key signatures for major keys.

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