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Translate, Work in Government, Teach and More

Spanish Major

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Want to translate, work in human services or government fields, or teach English as a secondary language? Your Spanish degree from Bridgewater College can prepare you for those opportunities and so much more.

Spanish Major

Requires the bachelor of arts degree. All majors must place at the advanced level on the world language placement test, or complete SPAN 201-202 in order to begin the 30 hours of advanced work required. Twenty-four hours of advanced work must be taken on campus. The remaining 6 credits may include study abroad courses. Consists of 30-36 hours, depending on placement: SPAN 201 and SPAN 202 or placement at the advanced level.

Both of the following:

An advanced study of the most important grammatical structures of Spanish and extensive practice of these structures in the context of the skill areas of listening speaking reading writing and cultural competency. Prerequisite SPAN 202 or permission of instructor

Unit(s): 3

The goal of this class is to improve students mastery and understanding of the Spanish language through the activity of translating texts from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish. In this class students will 1) study theoretical issues relating to the process of translating 2) analyze good and poor examples of translation 3) learn strategies for creating effective communicative translations that faithfully convey the original message 4) practice translating complex contextual and cultural documents and 5) work with a local non-profit organization to offer translating services in order to understand the practical realities involved in translating for a specific audience. Ultimately this course will help students to improve their communicative abilities in Spanish and English through critical reflection on the components of public communication and its translation. Prerequisites SPAN 202

Unit(s): 3

One of the following:

Develops and improves oral and listening skills broadens vocabulary and strengthens grammar. Engages students in functional daily conversations and expression of opinions on culture and current issues. Includes writing component related topics in the readings. Prerequisite SPAN 202 or permission of the instructor

Unit(s): 3

Reinforces more advanced syntactical structures of the language. Further develops these and vocabulary through expository persuasive argumentative and debate style speaking. Prerequisite SPAN 202 or permission of instructor

Unit(s): 3

Both of the following:

The historical development of Spain including consideration of geography as well as political social economic intellectual and artistic factors. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite SPAN 202 or permission of instructor

Unit(s): 3

The historical development of Spanish-speaking and Latin America including consideration of geography as well as political social economic intellectual and artistic factors. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite SPAN 202 or permission of instructor

Unit(s): 3

One of the following:

Representative authors works and literary movement of Spain including social and historical background. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisites
Taught in the style of a seminar a small group of students learn thinking skills through discussion debate peer review and brainstorming. Context varies from section to section. Incoming students rank topic preferences and then are assigned to a section. Focuses specifically on two key areas of personal development (1) intellectual growth is stimulated through systematic critical questioning and (2) a sense of community involvement and responsibility is developed through classroom group work collaborative learning and a class community engagement project. The course also contains success skill exercises and college orientation information including an introduction to the portfolio program. General education 2014 master core skills

Unit(s): 3
An introduction to the academic community of Bridgewater College to the liberal arts and to the skills of critical thinking and reflective writing specifically designed for transfer students. Transfer students will explore the unique challenges of integrating into a liberal arts educational environment and will begin the process of documenting their experiences and growth in the four dimensions of personal development intellectual growth and discovery citizenship and community responsibility ethical and spiritual growth and emotional maturation and physical health. general education 2014 master core skills

Unit(s): 3
Continued strengthening of core skills with a practical approach. Emphasis given to augment professional competency in the language through career focused vocabulary and grammatical structures in key career fields. Modern cultural and literary texts are included. Prerequisites SPAN 201 or placement

Unit(s): 3
General Education literature

Unit(s): 3


And 6 credits of electives from SPAN courses numbered 300 or above; plus 6 additional credits from study abroad or other Spanish-language experience at the advanced level.

Activities and Clubs

Join the World Languages Club. Practice your language skills and participate in language and culture-related activities.

Gain valuable experience through internships in social services, businesses and area public schools, including:

  • The Collins Center-Shelter for Abused Women
  • Harrisonburg ESL program
  • Department of Human Services
  • Walt Disney World (semester off-campus, summer)

Careers and Graduate Schools

What can you do with your Spanish degree?

Like recent world languages graduates, you might enter graduate schools such as:

  • George Mason University (Teaching ESL)
  • Liberty University (Education)
  • Mercer University, McAfee School of Theology (Divinity & Clinical Counseling)
  • Middlebury College (Spanish, Japanese)
  • National Defense University, Department of Defense
  • College of Notre Dame of Maryland (Education)
  • University of Utah (French, Arabic)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (Pharmacy)
  • Virginia Tech (Teaching ESL)

Or pursue a career with employers such as:

  • Banks
  • Bilingual/Translating Services
  • Department of Defense
  • Disney World Resorts
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Social Security Office
  • State Department
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Learn more about employment and advancement in the field of translation from the American Translators Association.

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