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World Languages & Cultures at BC professor engaging with students

Advanced Classes with Full-Immersion Settings

Department of World Languages & Cultures

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Want to explore modern languages and a variety of cultures? Earn a degree in Spanish or French? Welcome to the world languages and cultures department at Bridgewater College.

At Bridgewater, you’ll learn from faculty fluent in Spanish, French and German who will work closely with you to help you to develop your own language skills and cultural competency. Bridgewater also offers an introductory, one-year sequence of college-level Arabic language and culture.

Our advanced classes are small, full-immersion settings where you’ll participate in the learning process and your skills will develop in all areas of language: speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing. Our faculty will also share with you their personal experiences and travels overseas and strongly encourage you to go abroad for your own cultural and language immersion experiences.

Study Abroad

Go abroad for a semester and get immersed in another world. Check out the dozens of destinations available to you, as well as the May Term travel courses offered by the world languages department.

French Major

Earn a degree in French at BC.

Spanish Major

Get your Spanish degree at Bridgewater.

World Languages and Cultures Minors and Concentrations

Add a French, German or Spanish minors to any degree or choose from concentrations in French cultural studies, German cultural studies, Hispanic cultural studies, Iberian studies, Latin American studies, or World Languages: French or Spanish.

World Languages and Cultures Recognition

You may receive a notation on your transcript upon completion of five courses in French, German or Spanish, with a 2.0 average or higher, including FREN/GER/SPAN-201–202 (or placement). The three additional courses at the 300- or 400-level are selected in consultation with the French or Spanish advisor from the department’s course offerings taught in the world language (or from selected study abroad courses for the German Recognition). Courses numbered 201 and 202 are prerequisite to all courses of a higher number taught in the language unless the department determines that a student is otherwise qualified.

World Languages and Cultures Faculty