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Experts available to speak

The Bridgewater College faculty and staff members listed in the Speakers Bureau are available to address community organizations and groups, schools and churches and as a resource for members of the media. The Bridgewater College media relations office provides this service for the community.

A variety of subjects are included in the Speakers Bureau. Many of the speakers have areas of interest and expertise outside of their academic/professional pursuits.

Your group is encouraged to get acquainted with the treasure of talent and expertise available at BC.

To Request a speaker

1. Select your speaker(s) and topic(s). Speakers are listed alphabetically, along with their chosen topics.

2. Contact us at the phone number and/or email listed below.

When should I submit a request for a speaker?

Please submit your Speakers Bureau request at least four weeks in advance of your event. If you plan to publicize your event in a newsletter or other publication, be sure to submit your request well in advance of the deadline for publication.

Is there a fee?

The Speakers Bureau is a community service provided by Bridgewater College. There is no fee for the service. However, if the speaker will be required to travel or if the event includes a meal, reimbursement for travel or a complimentary meal would be appreciated.

The Speakers Bureau coordinator will make every effort to provide you with your choice of speakers. If you have any questions, please contact the media relations office at 540-828-5486.

Speakers may be obtained by contacting: