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Internships provide you with opportunities to:

When you do an internship for Bridgewater College, you’ll be doing more than just getting coffee and making copies—way more. You’ll make connections between what you learn on campus and a career in a field that matters to you. You’ll gain hands-on, real-world experience that allows you to confirm your career choice. You’ll demonstrate to potential employers not only the knowledge you’ve learned in the classroom but also the leadership, critical-thinking, communication and teamwork skills honed in a liberal-arts setting. And you’ll expand your network and make connections with professional contacts all before receiving your diploma. Internships ensure the transition from classroom to career is seamless and allow you to graduate job-ready with ample

Whether you’re interested in a fall, spring or summer internship, one close to campus or in a new city, there is no shortage of options. The Office of Career Services helps connect you with the right internship, a place where you can learn and grow and jump-start your career. Internships completed through the College under the supervision of a faculty sponsor in your major mean you’ll complete 120 hours of practical experience in the workplace. You’ll learn what it means to translate your passion into your purpose.

First impressions are important, but lasting impressions speak volumes. Repeat employers often contact the College to coordinate internships with interested students. They know investing time in qualified, hardworking interns has its benefits, as some offer our students jobs before their internship experiences are complete.

In addition, our worldwide network of alumni is more than willing to open doors for our students to help them on their journeys. Building close relationships on campus means staying connected for a lifetime.

Contact the Office of Career Services to explore all the opportunities available to you.