Students perform in a theatrical production

Theatre Major

Immerse yourself in theatre

The theatre program at BC gives you hands-on experience in every aspect of stage production. Lighting. Set design. Acting. Directing. Writing your own plays.

Put theory into practice as you take what you learn in the classroom and apply it directly to ongoing productions. Study the role of the theatre and the theatre artist in today’s society, and immerse yourself in costume and set design, writing, acting, music, lighting, sound and so much more.

You can also earn a teaching endorsement in theatre arts in conjunction with the teacher education program.

Specific requirements for this major and the teaching endorsement can be found in the College Catalog.

Required Courses Meet the Faculty

The student-run theatre organization, the Pinion Players, provides another outlet for you to lead and organize various theatre projects. In the past, senior theatre students have written their own plays for production.

The Eta Upsilon cast of Alpha Psi Omega, the international theatre fraternity, recognizes students who demonstrate excellence in the theatre program at Bridgewater College.