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Admission Process

Students interested in applying to the Teacher Education Program should declare their major with the Registrar’s Office and ensure that they know you are interested in applying to the program.  Some courses require admissions to the Teacher Education Program before they can be taken.  Those courses are EDUC: 307, 330, 332, 334, 371E, 380X, 406, 412, 451, 452, 460, 465 and 470.

Applying to the Teacher Education Program requires three steps.

STEP 1: Entry Assessment and GPA: Complete standardized math, reading and writing assessments (Click for registration information).

  • VCLA Reading & Writing (composite score of 470), AND
  • Praxis Core Math (score of 150) or one of the following substitute tests:
    • ACT Math score of 22 + ACT Composite score of 24
    • SAT Math score of 560 (if taken on or after 3/1/16) or SAT Math score of 530 (if taken between 4/1/95 – 2/29/16)
  • GPA: Candidates must have and maintain a GPA of at least 2.5

STEP 2: Apply: Complete the electronic Teacher Education Program Application, which includes:

  • Contact Information
  • Entry Assessment Scores
  • Two Professional References

Candidate must have no record of any felony or misdemeanor conviction involving children or drugs, or founded complaint of child abuse or neglect

STEP 3: Interview: TEP Faculty and local stakeholders (alumni/local teachers) will interview candidates at the interview night. Candidates are only eligible for interview once they have successfully completed STEPS 1 and 2. Applications will be processed according to the following schedule:

Application deadlineInterviewNotification of Next Steps
2nd Monday in AugustLast Monday in AugustFall semester
2nd Monday in OctoberLast Monday in OctoberFall semester
2nd Monday in MarchLast Monday in MarchSpring semester

If a candidate is NOT fully accepted by the anticipated acceptance deadline, the Director will determine if they can be rolled into the next anticipated acceptance cohort.  Additionally, for the 2020-2021 academic year, a candidate may apply for conditional admission to the teacher education program without the required testing scores e.g., VCLA, PRAXIS.  The candidate will be required to complete (take and pass) the testing requirements by the May 31, 2021 to be fully admitted to the program. The conditional admission policy is temporary and an attempt not to delay graduations because of the COVID-19 pandemic closing testing sites.