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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Federal Aid

Students must meet the requirements specified below in order to receive Title IV federal aid.

  • Qualitative Measure: Students must have at least a 1.700 cumulative grade point average by completion of their second semester and at least a 2.000 cumulative grade point average by completion of their fourth semester. A minimum year-end 2.000 cumulative grade point average must then be maintained until graduation.
  • Quantitative Measure: Students must successfully complete at least 67% of the courses they attempt. Withdrawn (W) grades and transfer credits count as attempted hours for this purpose.
  • Maximum Time Frame: Students must complete their program by the time they have attempted 150% of the hours required for their degree program.
  • If a student does not meet the specified requirements, they may make an appeal for aid if extenuating circumstances existed. The financial aid committee rules on all satisfactory academic progress appeals.