Bridgewater College Associate Professor of Religion Publishes Third Book Which Examines Biblical Mothers

Dr. Nancy B. Klancher

Dr. Nancy Klancher, Associate Professor of Religion at Bridgewater College, has published her third book, The Biblical Mothers Deliver: The Chosen, The Saved, and the Disavowed, via Cascade Books, an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers.

Released in October 2022, Klancher’s book is her first written for a general audience. She says, “I wish to reach a broader audience because I am deeply concerned about the ongoing cultural legacies of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. I believe improved religious literacy is one step to ensuring a peaceful interreligious world.”

The Biblical Mothers Deliver asks how the mothers’ stories and their interpretation over the centuries have authorized diverse logics of sexual and racial difference that we live with today. From Abraham’s wife, Sarah, to the mother of Jesus, Mary, each mother embodies the type of woman her culture thought she had to be to produce a holy people set apart by God. The larger question Klancher’s book asks is, “to what end?”

Klancher has taught at Bridgewater College for more than a decade. Her lifelong interests are in the areas of belonging, exclusion, identity and how religious teachings affect these. In addition to The Biblical Mothers Deliver, Klancher has published two other books, A Massacre Averted (2011) and The Taming of the Canaanite Woman (2013).

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