Bridgewater College Presents 2020 Art Award

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Ashley N. Williams received the 2020 Paul M. and Betty Kline Student Art Award.

The award is presented to a junior or senior art major who has demonstrated significant growth and accomplishment in the study and production of visual art.

Williams, a senior art major with a communication studies minor and a concentration in digital media and multimedia authoring, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Williams of Temple Hills, Md.

Williams’ senior art thesis, “Stepping Out of the Shadows,” consists of photography and photo transfers.

“The mission of my thesis is to combat the stereotypical incomplete representations of black women,” Williams said. “Black women deserve to be represented in all forms and as a whole being, not limited to specific stereotypical labeled representations.”

Williams is a member of Lambda Pi Eta, a national communication studies honor society. She served as a digital scholarship guru and was a web design tutor.

Following graduation on May 2, Williams plans to pursue a career as digital media specialist.

Paul, who died in 2006, and Betty Kline are Bridgewater College graduates. He retired as professor of art in 1997 after 38 years on the faculty. She formerly served at the college as dean of women and a psychology instructor.